When a guy tells his family and friends about you?

I guess it means he is serious about you? I have been dating this guy for about a month now and he just had me talk to his little brother on the phone. I wasn't expecting it...and also he called his friend when he was hanging out with me and said "Yeah I'm here with Jessica..." like the guy already knew my name.

I haven't really told anyone about him yet...i don't know.


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  • To me it seems like you're getting cold feet a bit.

    Imo I don't think there's anything wrong with a guy mentioning that he's with you by name, and that he talks about you to your friends.

    The key question is...

    ...would you rather have him be vague about his time with you, and not talk about you at all to his friends and family?


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  • Yes, most probably he's really serious. It depends on actually what he tells other people about you and how he does it. If you can find about what he told others (without being too nosey and not violating social norms), you'll get a much better picture. Actually, asking friends about your relationship, if they are aware of it, provides a much better estimate on how you are doing than your own opinion. This has been established in psychology studies.

    • yeah I agree

    • he said the little brother "really wanted to talk to me"

    • That's really good. People usually do not wish to talk to those of whom they have a negative impression. Besides, younger people are more likely to tell the truth and express their true feelings (depends on the age of course). You can tell your friends and relatives about your relationship. The more people know, the better. If there's a potential problem which is unnoticed by you, they will be very quick to point it out.

  • If you're with someone you like can't see why you wouldn't at least mention her name?

  • sometimes is and sometimes it isnt, but if it isn't at least its probably getting closer to serious


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