How can I get a cocky guy to fall for me?

I don't mean all of them, of course. Just one guy in particular. What can I do to get him interested in me? And to see that I'm not like the other girls who kiss his ass and are.drooling over him?

Or do they only like skanks and whores?


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  • You can't really "get" anyone to fall for you.

    Just be yourself, no need to be someone you aren't to get some guy's interest, you're better than that. Those girls obviously don't have self-respect if they over-exaggerate to get his attention.

    • Oh yeah I don't want to change anything about myself?

      I mean how do I approach him? Well more like drop subtle hints that I'm interested.

      Or get him to take interest in me?

      Many girls like him and they act all ridiculous to get his attention. They make it obvious theyre interested so he seems to get even more concieded with that.

      I don't want him to feel good about himself. I want him to see that I have morals and I don't kiss anyone's ass.

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    • Oh OK. I see.

      I can do that.

      Ill just be my regular dorky self. He actually seems a bit nice to me. He doesn't act like a cocky jerk. He just stares and smiles.

      Ill continue to not show intetest.

      Do cocky guys prefer a chase instead of a girl who practically throws themself at him? Just wondering.

    • I wouldn't say just cocky guys, though they're the ones who usually have girls around them because of their confidence. It can be other guys too, but yeah for those who have many options, a chase is more exciting.

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