How do you convince a guy to hook up with you?

there's this guy that I just recently met (4 weeks ago) that I really want to hook up with. he's single, I'm single, but I just don't know how to go about initiating this. I don't want any strings or emotional ties.

I subtly suggested a hook up and the response was not exactly no, more like he was concerned about what other people would think.


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  • If you flirt with him letting him know that he can "spend the night ;-)"...that's all that's needed if he's attracted to you.

    Girls, you have it so easy...if you met a guy, and want to hook up with him...playfully flirt with him, and let him know that "you have needs that need to be met"...and he'll pounce you if he thinks you're decent looking!

    Us males have to play the string of a girl's emotional viola to get some play lol.

    • Most guys who don't have a conscious will pounce. If he's a decent guy, like me..he knows better than to have a random hook up with a girl who's obviously acting desp. "cough" question asker "cough"

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    • She's known the dude for about a month...she's horny...and she isn't trying to "barter" a relationship from him by using sex.

      She EXPLICITLY said she doesn't want anything besides a FWB.

      Imo, that's not desperate at ALL, because all she wants is sex and nothing else.

      A girl that is DESPERATE...would want to hookup with him, when the dude just wants sex, to try to "change his mind".

    • I wouldn't call a guy who wants sex desperate. Why do people automatically call a girl desperate if she wants sex? You don't know my history, situation, or anything about me besides that I want to hook up with this guy. Desperate would be me harrassing him about hooking up and trying to have it happen right this very moment.

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  • Get his number, suggest hanging out sometime.

    Invite him over to your place to watch a movie. Flirt with him. And make some moves on him. He should be able to pick it up easily and realize what you're down for.

    However, there's one problem. You don't know what kind of guy you're dealing with. He could be a dominant BDSM type that likes to choke, spank, pull hair and all that abusive foreplay. Or he could be a passionate guy who takes it slow most of the way.

  • Have him come over to your place, start drinking, make the first move, walla. hahah.

    Don't be afraid to make the first move, and assuming you drink alcohol always makes first hookups less awkward.

    If he asks, make it clear you're looking for a friends-with-benefits type deal, or that it was a one time thing.

  • are you at least reasonably good looking? if you answered yes, than it sounds like what every guy wants so just do it

    if you answered no, get him really drunk


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  • Guys don't require much convincing if they are into you.

    It's as simple as getting him alone and in private and acting interested in him. To make a point clearer, just invite him over to watch a movie. That will make it pretty clear.