If a girl texts you/responds to your text while she's at a party?

Does that mean she likes you? Or is she just extremely social? To be clear the guy that got texted/responded to wasn't at the party and the girl said she was having fun. Now what if the girl was bored at the party? And does it mean nothing if she said there are cute guys at the party?


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  • okay girls are not like guys. guys can only concentrate on one thing at time for the most part and if they are at a party, a guy isn't going to be texting up a storm unless he is trying to get laid. Girls, however, will definitely text at a party if it's a guy she likes. Girls won't let anything interfere with texting a guy they like. Whether she is driving, working, trying to sleep, out with the girls...she will text you if she likes you (she may play hard to get though and take time to respond). Also, girls try to play games and make guys jealous by mentioning how many cute guys are there. Sounds to me like she might be interested but isn't sure if you are and is trying to play games to get a reaction out of you. She said she was having fun to make it seem like she is a fun girl who does things independently and has her own fun things to do. She mentioned cute guys to make it seem like she has options and to make you wonder if you are one of them. She is hoping for some sort of reaction.


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  • Most likely she was bored. If your having fun at a party/club your not going to be txting unless your giving directions or exchanging numbers.


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