Do kisses on the end of a text mean anything?

Ok so I have been texting a guy since July. We used to chat on Facebook before we swapped numbers and he used to put one kiss. Then ever since he has started texting me he always puts 2 kisses and I always put 2 back. if he ever send a message with just one on it h will send another message straight after with just 2 kisses on it. I sometimes send 3 kisses and he sometimes sends 3 back when I do but then sometimes he just sends 2 when I send 3.

Is this the most stupid question you have ever read or does it mean something?


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  • Some guys think it would be sweet. They would feel excited. I think it means that it can fuel their imagination. I mean when I send you a kiss, then you send back, then I was like "wow she totally send a kiss. would it happen in real life?" then I start to imagine things. That was only an example. It was weird though sorry 'bout that.

  • the most stupid question? it's up there. girls over analyze the silliest things.

    hes probably just copying what you do. try sending 4 kisses and see if he sends 4 back. try 5 and see what happens.


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