Have you let your pride get the best of you?

In the case of either platonic or romantic relationships, have you allowed your pride to get in the way? Did you choose to blatantly ignore and avoid someone merely because your pride wouldn't let you admit you were wrong or made a bad decision? Was losing them entirely worth saving face?

I had a misunderstanding with someone, and what could've been easily resolved has turned into 6 months of me receiving cold silence, unanswered texts, being blown off and unanswered questions. I had to give myself closure, but the scar will remain. I sent my last text recently just wishing him well and subtly letting him know that its noted that we won't see each other again. Though, of course I can't see the future, but sometimes the heart just knows. It wasn't an emotionally charged message, but very calm and mature as always. I ended the message letting him know that our hearts are like signed yearbooks, and we've both left our signatures on each others heart. I told him I loved him and I said goodbye. He never replied. Though, I didn't expect him to.

I asked him months ago if this was goodbye, and spent so much time to get him to place a finality on whatever we had and he ignored me, but passively tweeted "He won't take the bait anymore. Your wasting your time. And I promise I'm that same kid you thought you knew. Stubborn as they come, and only time can change me."

Prior to us falling off this last time, we got into a heated discussion because he told me that he was sorry I was hurt, but we couldn't talk. I demanded he say goodbye, tell me its forever and he impulsively did. He regretted it because a month later we were back talking and he told me we were friends and that it was a good balance for us.

Guys and girls, have you ever sacrificed a relationship and allowed your pride to win?
Have you let your pride get the best of you?
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