She's only interested in me when she's drinking?

I'll try to make this short. Two weeks ago I had a first date with a girl. The date went great. At the end of the night she called me a gentlemen. I don't believe in kissing on the first date, but she made the move and we kissed. She then invited me to meet her friends at a Halloween party. the night started shaky, but as she started to drink, she became really affectionate. She held my hands, kissed me, and we ended the night with a make-out session at her car. I don't think she was drunk, but she was definitely buzzed.

Then she invited me to a tailgating party with her friends and it was the same deal. In fact, when I first saw her, I hugged her and she was incredibly distant, barely hugged me back. As we began t tailgate and she started drinking, she once again became more affectionate. As she stopped drinking, she became less affectionate. We ended the night at her doorstep. We kissed again and we made plans for our second date this weekend. Overall, we've hung out and texted a decent amount, but I'm not sure what we are exactly. Is she interested realistically? What do you think?

You guys are saying it boosts her confidence? Is that a good thing or bad thing? Does that mean she's legitimately interested or not?


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  • She seems to only be confident with showing you affection when she is drinking. I think you should take the lead now that you two have gotten a bit closer to show her you are into her and she doesn't need alcohol for you two to be intimate.

    If on your next date you are planning to drink, pull her aside before and kiss her pasionatley and explain that you wanted to have a moment with her when you were both sober because it is more intimate too you.


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  • Seems like the ALC is giving her a lot of confidence!

    • So what exactly does that mean?

    • I'd say she is sleazy when she drinks and has probably done this before.

    • Fair enough

  • Sounds like a classic case of "liquid confidence". (fashii's mom)

    • Is that good for me or bad?

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    • She wasn't drinking on our first date...and she took the step to introduce me to her friends. That's what confuses me most.

    • very difficult to make conclusions since I am not there. I think the bottom line here is, "Are you happy with where this is going and how it is going there?" If yes, go with it. If not, try to talk to her about your concerns or be strong enough to call it friends and hang with the group or move on to another one without the alcohol. The decisions are all yours. What do you want?

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