Why will she only text me when she's drunk?

Normally I always have to initiate conversations with her, and I feel she isn't interested in me as the replies are short and blunt.

The only time she starts conversations between us is when she's drunk, I've gone days without hearing off her to see if she initiates conversation and she doesn't. I end up giving in an send a message then she will reply.

Up until last night I hadn't spoken to her in a couple of days and I had a random text saying that she hopes I know that she would never do anything, knowing that it would hurt me :s (No idea why) and the week before was a random text saying "I'm pissed but I still love ya"


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  • sounds like she doesn't know what she wants and she's unpredictable and unstable. it seems like she wants to keep you around though for some reason. sometimes your true feelings come out when your drunk. maybe deep down she really does care about you but is afraid of showing it or getting too close because she's been hurt before. or you might just be an option for her. in any case if I were you I wouldn't talk to her or initiate any conversations with her, I think that will make her afraid she's losing you and she'll start talking to you more. if she doesn't then just forget about her because she might hurt you in the long run.


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