Should I continue to text my ex girlfriend??

Me and my ex broke up about 4 months ago. We were on and off for 3 years and she always took me back no matter what I did. In the summer she started talking to this other guy I thought was my friend. I completely freaked and begged for her back, promised to change, etc. Eventually she stopped talking to me and has been with this guy ever since. I stopped all contact completely since then (about 3-4 months), but drunk dialed her a few weeks ago (she didn't answer). She texted me the next day tho after I called her and we texted for about a week straight back and forth. The only time she texts me is if I text her first though. I know she's still with this guy (who I can't stand) but I really love and miss her and want to be back with her. Should I continue to text her often, sometimes, never? Should I call her? I don't want to seem pathetic if she never calls or texts me. I just think there is hope because I know for a fact when she was with me she never called or texted her ex boyfriend even if he contacted her. Also she told me about it if he did try to contact her, I really don't think she has told her current guy about me texting her. So should I continue to text her then? I don't want to give up, but I don't know what else to do. Does it make me look pathetic? Do you think she still has feelings for me? I brought up to her, that if I loved someone and a girl texted or called me in the middle of the night I wouldn't text them back. And I told her I really don't think she's in love or content with her current situation or else why would she text her ex boyfriend even if I'm the one that texts her first? She just snapped and told me I always texted other girls when we were together (which I did). I told her yeah I did but I learned from my mistakes, I regret it everyday, and I don't talk to any girls now because of her. SO she knows she has me. Should I just completely pour my heart out to her and tell her how I feel. I honestly can't stop thinking about her, it affects my school, work, and social life. I would move on because its definitely not in my character to be hung up on a girl like this. Even when we were together I talked to other girls, but now I don't give a crap about others, I only want her, and will be the guy she always wanted me to be. I just need that one more chance. Can I get it though? What do you guys think?
Should I continue to text my ex girlfriend??
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