Girl forgets your name?

Why would a girl one day ask if you remembered her name then couple days later after you I sent her some ridiculously clever and funny text messages go uh hehe hah I forgot your name I'm so sorry :'( Doesn't make any sense if she liked me and has bad memory wouldn't she just add it to her phone or check previous text.

I know her name her middle name, girls I worked with years ago name, girls I meet on vacation, random women at businesses.

Told her she could be my friend but after that I'm not gonna go out of my way..


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  • Well, personally, I am horrible with names and it would really suck if guys held that against me. But I also say that too and would add their name in my phone if I had their number. But I do remember names of guys I'm interested in, so ... And this is purely hypothetical. When she first met you maybe she wasn't all that into you, but after your funny message it got her thinking maybe I could be with you and then proceeded to ask your name. Just saying, hypothetical scenario. Or maybe she didn't think you'd call and when you did it showed your real interest and then she would add your name to you phone. Guys ask for my number all the time, but rarely call ... So why would I put the extra energy in of adding a number to my phone when, probabilistically speaking, he will never call.


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