I'm dating a DRAMA QUEEN--what would you suggest?

So I've finally become exclusive with this lovely drama queen that I was dating for about 2 months. We've been a couple for a month now and the drama just doesn't stop! I think I am getting used to it, and learning to tolerate it. But I would like it to subside a little bit. How can I do that without upsetting her? I know she wants me to let her be herself. And that's cool for the most part, I really like who she is. But I can only handle so much in the long term, I think.

Another worry of mine, is that she's always contradicting herself regarding how she feels about me. She'll always tell me that she "needs" me" and thinks about me "all the time" and that I can't let go of her. But then again she always brings up that she's too dramatic for me, that maybe I can't handle her (I can so far) or question my affection for her, as if I don't really care for her (I do). She also says she can't feel it, that she feels as if I am far away.

Another point, she is completely hung up on my ex-gf. I don't even mention her, but she always brings her up, accusing me of still being in love with her. I always play it down and say no, that was one year ago. It is true that I treated her well, probably went overboard, and have toned down now. My current lady is a complete stalker, going through all my online photo albums (I have a lot) and even going so far as to download pictures of my ex to her phone, just to bring up to me later to accuse me about something. At this point, I just laugh it off and tell her not to worry, "you are the one I want". I also tell her you should probably stop looking at my ex's photos, but she can't help it.

Despite this girl being a stalker and very dramatic, I like her a lot. I am learning to brush it off and go with the flow/let it pass. But I would like her to tone down a little bit, and figure out what she means with the mixed signals. We go from hot to cold a lot. I would like to maintain a steady warmth, which I've always been capable of.

What would you suggest?
I'm dating a DRAMA QUEEN--what would you suggest?
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