What are the odds you marry your first or second girlfriend when you're around 22 years old?

I have had one girlfriend in 7th grade (I don't really count those years). Then in college when I started being a little more outgoing I had 2-3 girls where we were essentially dating but we never made it official and it didn't work out.

I have a girlfriend now that I've been dating for 4 months. I'm 22 and she's 21. This is my last semester at college and she has a year and a half left.

In general, how often is it that you marry your first or second girlfriend? I mean what are the odds (bad, good, great?).

Obviously people change when they age and I'll take this relationship as it goes but just curious what people think about it.


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  • You shouldn't really base that kind of thing on odds or with what happened to other people, each relationship is unique and different than anyone else's. instead look at the relationship itself and determine whether or not you want to marry this person and that they want to marry you. I do think once you hit the age you are at people defiantly start to get more serious about relationships and look for a potential life partner so if you are not happy in a relationship and it is not working out then it may be best to move on. If you are happy and it is working then see where it leads you.

  • People can marry their second or even first girlfriend, sure. Because people are stupid.

    Kids can get married at very young ages.

    Are they happy and successful marriages? Hell no.