Is this weird ...i think my sister in law likes my husband (husband's brother's girlfriend)

okay so me an my husband have been together for 10 years and we share everything. His brother has a grilfriend and they are pretty serious (its been 4 years) but we don't really hang out with them as much because everyone is so busy. Anyhow we see her at family parties and when she comes over. We are friendly courtous but I never really felt like she could be my friend. Anyhow that's the background. Recently she started texting my boyfriend. it seems all innocent but I don't like it. For his birthday she texted him happy birthday and how is he celebrating "playa" what the heck is that mean? AND also text "WHEN are you PARTIYNG LIKE A ROCKSTAR?" and I though "why is she texting him that out of the blue, its not like he knows her from long ago or anything. Why can't she text me? when we are all together at family things she also acts all funny and time she was wearing these tight pants and she started dancing ( a song came on) shaking her ass in front of my hubby and his brother...and me...I got annoyed...and just walked away...I told my hubby that I don't like it even if its his brothers girlfriend. He said he thought it was weird too...what s up with her? why does she do that? She has texted him when I am there and he texts her back something like "we'll see when my bro is free to hang out.." cause he doesn't want to be rude...whats her deal? I m pretty annoyed by this...

His brother doesn't seem to notice or get bother. At least he does not mention it to us...but I am not sure he knows about the texting because one time we were all having dinner , mom, brother and husband and she text my boyfriend. But my boyfriend said he felt awkward saying anything.

I know he would never, but I don't like her ways...


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  • You gotta make up your mind first if he's your boyfriend or husband, because that's pretty confusing too.

    She could be after both brothers and get them in bed at the same time and is using attention whore tactics. It could also be that your intimidated by her because she's hot and sexy and gets noticed pretty easy, but that is only natural anyone would feel the same.

    So long your boyfriend/husband isn't acknowledging her sexiness and isn't attracted to her then you have nothing to fear.

    She probably also knows that you don't like her, which would explain why she doesn't text you and instead texts your guy. Flirty women always text a bit flirty, that's why they are called flirty women, they don't know any better, they tease all men and women.


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  • I think gently you should take her aside and say that she makes you uncomfortable and not to text your boyfriend again. That from now on, your the news and planner She's bad news. never good. How does she have his number, you should find out.

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