How do I reply without sounding too excited?

For the past month, I've been texting a guy I went to high school with 2 years ago. I also liked him and I think he liked me too. It's now spring break and we're both in town again. He just texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out.

I'm pretty excited to see him again, but how do I respond without sounding too excited?


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  • Simply text him what time and where are you meeting up.

    Sometimes if you withhold too much emotions on texts, you'll come up as uninterested and you will lose that someone.


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  • You don't have to get too complicated about this. Just respond with a simple, "Sure. What do you want to do?" and when he tells you, or whenever you decide on something, you just say "Yeah, that sounds nice / great" or some other adjective to show you're interested. You don't need to worry about sounding too excited. Just do whatever. No need to complicate things by over-analyzing it. You'll be fine.


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  • since it's texting I doubt that will be a problem...all you need to say is definitely, what do you want to do? and then when he says or you decide say sounds great. and make sure you set a time and place, not just a "let's hang out" without a definite time/date.