Why do some guys always have to have a girlfriend?

I don't understand this. And sometimes they seem to be "over" the relationship already and start talking to other girls before they officially break up with their girlfriend, and then go ahead and date the new girl a few weeks later. It's like they always have a line of girls ready to date. I know this is most definitely not true for all guys, but why do they do this?!

And yes, I do know that soe girls do this too so I don't want to hear that it's only guys. I'm aware. Thanks. :)


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  • There are really different factors that affect that behavior of guys.

    1. Being with a girl is an ego booster for them.

    2. Show that they can get girls easily and make you regret it

    3. Something to "flaunt" to their friends

    4. They need someone beside them, and they can't live a lonely life

    5. Some emotional support


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  • gotta talk to other girls and plan ahead just in case you break up with your gf


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  • They need to have someone to feel secure in themselves and may feel that the only way accomplish that is to always have a girl that they can provide for. Or there might be some underlying issues with his home life. Ever heard the saying 'monkey see, monkey do'?

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