I'm not her type, but she went on a date with me?


I recently went on a date with this girl, who I've been pursuing for like 6 weeks.

She and I have an extraordinary amount in common, from musical taste, sense of humor, race and even religion - the main reason behind me being so attracted to her (obviously.)

The date was overall successful, we couldn't stop having great conversations, and she couldn't stop laughing even to the lamest, sly jokes I said to her.

However, I didn't feel comfortable doing any strong/sexual flirting with her as well as doing slight touches on her arm, etc. to try and build some tension. Which basically lead to the date feeling like hanging out with a great friend - not a lover. Which I guess is basically my fault for not initiating..

Keep in mind we aren't in a relationship, she just agreed to a date.

Anyway after the date she started sub-tweeting me saying stuff like.

"I was about to tweet about a certain someone, but I realized he follows me on Twitter - that was a close call!"

"Even Instagram, Facebook, ahhhhh"

Then, my friend who introduced me to this girl in the first placed messaged me saying that she wrote about me in her personal blog - (which I'm not meant to know about)

She basically wrote this in regards to me:

"If you were to ask me if he was my type, he isn't really... But, he's a really unique, funny and interesting guy."

What does this even mean? Lol. She's not attracted to me in that way? Or...?

Either way, I'm kind of unsure how to go from here - seeing as I said, I failed to create any sort of sexual attraction between her and I..

I was thinking of going silent with her for a week or two, to build some tension and get her thinking about me - then get her on another date if I'm lucky and man up and actually show her I'm interested in her, in that way - ie. do some actual flirting, and ultimately go in for a kiss later on..

What do you guys think? Am I over thinking this? Haha.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated - THANK YOU!


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  • When she says you're not even her type she's actually asserting that even though you're not her type, she likes you. I have a huge crush on somebody who is not my type right now ( he's really blond, and I was never attracted to a blond guy before, I always was attracted to black/brown haired guys) plus he's quiet and I was always attracted to the outgoing/aggressive type of guys. It basically mean that she's normally attracted to a different type of people looks or/and personality), so she never excepted she would fall for somebody like you. in short, this is a good indication, DON'T MESS IT UP :)


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  • My boyfriend has never been my type! I'd never really liked blond guys, but after a year of getting to know him better, I started to be physically as well as intellectually attracted to him. We've been going out for almost 3 years now. Girls have imaginary guys in their heads that are their "type". Real guys just need to come along and crack those imaginary "types" :)

  • I would not leave it for a week. And I wouldn't give up hope. Saying that your not usually her type means she doesn't know as many people like you and us obviously intrigued. Her first Internet message I think is a cheeky and playful way of getting attention from you which is a good sign. No heavy sexual tension in the first date is fine because again as your not her normal type she probably needs to take it more slow. Go on another date and lightly start either talking about a possible relationship ( don't be direct you might come along as needy/desperate) or cranky up the sexual body language (again not overly). But so far your process is good :)

  • Girls are confusing we say one thing and mean something competely different so I think she secretly likes you.

  • relaxed... what it means is that you are not her -looks- type. But that she finds you a really unique, funny and interesting guy. So obviously she likes you, all good!

  • i think you are on the right track

  • i think its a good thing she might just thought it would be great idea to go out with you.


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  • Don't go silent for 2 weeks. Go out with her again next weekend. You're right that you screwed up in not upping the sexual element of your date, but you have a chance to redeem as she seems to find you "interesting" which means you've still got a chance. Make sure you plan a fun interactive second date and make SURE you kiss her at some point. Anything that involves dancing at some point may help your cause because it puts you in lots of physical contact.

    Good luck!

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