She asked me on a date?

Ok so i'm 17, this girl who is 18 just asked me on a date, basically.

i met her online, she lives in my area, there's an event held in our area once a year where they light fireworks, we already had it this year.
She asked me to go with her next year, we are in an online relationship, she wants to meet me at the event next year.

It sounds like a good plan but i'm so shy, i've never had a girlfriend & she's older than i am..
I'm 17 ... i'm still practically used to being babyfied by my mom...
she contacted me & i said i would put myself out there more... & try it out

"She's not some predator, no predator would wait a year to meet someone"
& i have her number
although we may meet up before then, she lives across a bridge, it's not far... but i can't drive so its not like i can just come over.

Should i go through with this?
Yes go through with it
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She asked me on a date?
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