Why does he refuse to text me first??

This guy texted me alot, and he would text incessantly to me and call me. I rejected him a lot when he asked me out cause I was unsure of him, and I heard bad things about him. I noticed he kinda stopped texting me. When I see him though he is really nice to me, talks to me, and we went out with friends, and he would always flirt with me. However, I did text him first one time, when he texted my friend something funny I texted Mark and said "You are so funny! Lance showed me the text, lol!" He just responded with "That app is sick" I didn't respond to that so 10 min later he responded like 5 times saying "Lance needs a better phone" "With a bigger screen" "He needs a new plan" "Then he can get cool apps" "He is outdated, haha" I then repsonded with just a Haha.

Then Lance told Mark to text me about tickets to a game, and Mark never texted me, and Lance said "Thats strange I told him to text you about it" Then when Lance went to Mark about it Mark said "She didn't receive my text? That's weird!" But he still hasn't texted me and then he emailed the ticket info to one of our other friends.

Why is he refusing to text me first? Is it because I rejected him? Or doesn't he like me? I don't understand him. Please answer! Thank you!


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  • Well he text you a lot because he was pursuing you, he wanted to possible date you. After rejections we just start losing interest in the girl. Why would he keep texting you constantly if he was rejected. I'm not saying you're wrong for rejecting him, I'm sure you have your reasons, but it just seems like since there's no way he's getting a date with you, then there is no point in constantly talking to you.

    • Thanks! Yeah I understand, I mean I wouldn't keep on texting someone if they didn't want to go out with me, but yeah it's my friends fault cause they kept scaring me saying how much of a bad guy he is and I believed them, but I have to figure it out myself if he is a bad guy, so I want o give him a chance, but I guess it's too late now. You made a good valid point! But, I just feel bad if he is hurt by me, cause I don't want to hurt him.

    • Meh, rejection is something everyone deals with, I've had it, it sucks but you get over it quick. He will be OK haha. If everyone is saying negative things about him then maybe you're better off not giving him a chance, the last thing you wanna do is get hurt.

    • Thankyouuuu

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  • so you rejected him, and you still want him to text you to keep you happy and feel good? how bad of a person can you be? he probably is already over you, that's what it seems like here.

    • No that's not it! I don't feel good that he texted me and that I was rejecting him. I came to the conclusion now that I have to figure it out for myself if he's a bad guy, cause everyone was telling me to stay away from him and I believed them, but now I regret doing that cause I do like him. I don't want to hurt him in any way, shape, or form! But I guess I did blow it with him, and it's all because of my friends feeding me BS! I am trying to see if I have another shot, but I'm thinking not.

  • you either reject or you don't. Stop being insecure. Stop playing games. Stop wasting men's time. Stop not knowing what you want. Stop craving for attention. Grow dafuq up!


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