He doesn't text me first?

So I met this guy online, we clicked, he gave me his cell.
He's on his business trip now in a different state, he'll be back next weekend so we haven't arranged our meet up yet.
so day1 I texted him first (he didn't have my cell) and we talked back and forth each other entire evening. we exchange more pictures of ourselves he kept complimenting me, we had a great conversation. He deleted his dating profile that day.
day 2 comes, no text. and I didn't bother text him first because I wasn't sure if he's still interested.
day 3, I texted him first and he replied me right back and asked me how I been doing, asked me some questions here and there, complimented me. we talked a little.
day 4 now no text from him again.. lol

Guys I dated/met before, they always texted me every day so I'm so confused here if he's interested or not. I thought if a guy is interested he will always initiate and text you every day..
It seems like he's still interested. it only bothers me that he just doesn't initiate first.

Is he a shy guy... He's capricorn if this helps ;p

what's your thoughts


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  • He waits for you to text him since that is starting to be the routine. You intiate and he texts back. I know it sucks and he should be texting you back. I would let him know and be like he doesn't always have to wait for you to text and he is free to text you on his own. Sometimes guy's can be shy or they wait for a girl to make moves. If you want to see how compatible you and him are. Match your zodiac sign with his and check out how compatible you guys are. Since he responds back then he is inteterested in some way.


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  • I would assume that he is not interested if

    • Fuck, how did that happen? I didn't even click submit...
      Anyway, I would assume that he us not interested if I were in your position or I would see it as a red flag because it would mean that he only expects me to initiate.

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