GUYS: Can a girl assume a guy doesn't like her if a guy doesn't text her first after a 2-3 weeks?

Can a girl assume a guy doesn't like her if a guy doesn't text her first after a 2-3 weeks after their last convo? There's this guy I've known for awhile and he started hanging out with me a few years ago. (He really seemed like he liked me, I was the only girl he hung out with talked to) I'm almost sure (especially after talking to my best friend who's his little sister) that he liked me, but then in Januray he became convinced I really liked another guy and I think he sorta gave up on me. we're both from conservative homeschool families, and I've often been able to see he wants to hug me, but is unsure if that's over stepping my bounderies and if it's OK cause all that romantic stuff if sorta not a big thing at our school, but high fives me when he can...lately I text him maybe every 2 weeks or so. The only time he texts me first is if he has a good reason such as asking me how my play (I told him about) went or asking if I had a Facebook saying if I did I should check out his song he recorded. So I usually end up starting the convos but when I do he usually texts back as soon as he gets it and we have good convos him replying within seconds of me sending texts back. He usues smilies in almost every text, and he sends long texts-spelling every word out instead of using abbreviations. This is way different then any other guy I've texted-typically they use abbreviations and use short texts and very limited smilies...He seems to really care, almost always asks "how my days going" or "how I am" as soon as he gets the chance. (i'll be talking about stuff and he'll answer and when he can he'll change the subject and ask "what have you been up to?" or "how've you been?". At one point I kept feeling like maybe I was bugging him because I know how busy he is and so I said something like "i don't wanna bug you but...and asked him for something, telling him about something that was going on in my family then he said "i'm sorry :p and yah I will :)" and then I totally dropped the subject and said "thanks"...but he texted right back (seconds later) like he was worried and had been really thinking and brought it back up and said "and you don't have to feel like that =p talk to me whenever ". He's a very sweet genuine guy, goes to warren tech, works and does school at home so is really busy. What are your guys opinions?


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  • The part where you said he spell out every word...he's taking his time and puts a lot of thought in the message. When he asks how you are doing or when he asked about the play, he seems to care because he does. Looks like you got a thoughtful one :)


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  • Oh, you'll hate my answer.

    My honest opinion is that he doesn't like you.

    You're almost always the one that texts him first, you know why that is? Because he isn't thinking of you, isn't even actively seeking to talk with you.

    Just because he answers as soon as he gets it doesn't mean he likes you. It just means he has his phone on him at all times.

    The fact that he uses smileys and takes the time to spell out words definitely doesn't mean he likes you... that's just his texting style, we all have one. The fact that he asks you about your day also doesn't mean he likes you or even cares, it means that he is polite enough to know to ask stuff like that. If he changes the subject with "how've you been?", that's even worse. It means he has either run out of things to say or he finds the subject boring, probably the latter.

    So do yourself a favour. Stop analysing his every little action and giving yourself false hopes.