Should I push the date forward?

Met a girl on Sunday. We agreed to go for coffee this weekend (hopefully Saturday) because she's busy with school during the week.

I've decided that I really can't wait that long. Shall I call her up and ask if she wants to go out during the week instead (maybe in the evening)?


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  • You have a lot to learn man. Hopefully Saturday? Really? She didn't give you a YES or NO? You must be very very specific when getting a date. No maybe's, or sometimes, or "weekends". If you asked her for the weekend...that's like saying, "I can meet you from Midnight Friday, to Midnight Sunday". You should have asked her to coffee @3pm this Sunday. She can take it, leave it, or make a counter offer.

    You also need to CALM down. You are much too excited. Must show patients, and self control.

    • Uhh well I did ask her like only a day ago. Hard to be specific about a date so far in advance ie the weekend after. So many things could happen.

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    • How is it my fault? She said she was busy with school during the week, and then said we could do it the next weekend. Ah, it's all so tricky this dating stuff LOL :)

    • You respond..."Sunday at 3pm works for me, how's that work for you?" You gotta be a salesman bro! Sale sale sale...don't let her off the hook until she starts speaking womanese to you.

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  • I'd honor her busy schedule and wait until the weekend. Why would you in a hurry to see her? Are you just wanting to get to the dessert faster? If so, that's just in poor taste. Just be patient. You can text her and say I can't wait to see you Saturday or something like that but don't ask her to do something during her busy week.

  • Yes, you can wait that long. You have to wait that long. You are to wait that long.

    If you're coming too strong, she will most probably find it creepy.