Guys, what is the longest you've waited to text a girl you were interested in?

What is the longest period of time that you went before texting a girl back that you were attracted to?


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  • When I first got her number, the next day. When she texted me first, I think less than 24 hours. I hate waiting to hear from someone so I don't take long to respond or message them. Mind games are overrated.

    In your case, just text him first if you have his number. If you're interested in him, do the initiating. No point in stressing and losing your mind waiting for a guy to text you. Keep in mind that he may be busy. 3 days is long enough so it doesn't hurt to text him now.


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  • Usually 24 hours after meeting her ... I don't like playing games.

  • When w were having a conversation: the next morning I got back to her because I fell asleep

    But then a BUNCH of family shit happened on my part and we did talk for over a month

  • 5 months.

    • whoa... why? haha

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    • thatt doesn't help me :( lol

      a guy asked for my number three days ago and still hasn't texted me, what's going on?

    • Well ... I can't tell you why he's so adverse to immediate action other than bad nerves and finals.

  • A couple of days. She was annoying and I wasn't interested.

    • i asked about a girl you're interested in specifically, lol

      and did you ask for her number?

    • Yes, I was interested at first and got her number, but as the night progressed she was odd.

    • oh lol, how so?

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