Suggestions on how to keep the conversation going when Face-Timing someone for the first time?

I met a guy when I went on a Conference to D.C. I live on one side on the US and he lives on the other. We have talked by phone, snap chat, and any other social media you can think of. He asked to Fave-Time me last night for today. I don't want to make the conversation to get awkward and be weird. What would be some good tips to keep the conversation going?


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  • Ask him what he does for fun and then ask him about some aspect of that. If he's into sports, find out which one. Then later ask him about your local team in that sport. He'll likely have a strong reaction and since people love to talk about themselves and things they know well, you should be fine. You can also learn more about things he likes so you can ask intelligent questions.


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