"Text me if you want to hang out sometime"?

This guy I've been talking to for a few weeks texted me "text me if you want to hang out sometime." Why didn't he just ask me specifically? I don't want to be the one making the plans and putting in all the effort! He seemed really into me in our other exchanges but then he puts all this pressure on me. Is there something I can do or say back to get him to propose real plans?


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  • It's his way of making sure you're interested. As opposed to asking you out then feeling like a fool because you don't like him in the same way.

    But to your question. Why don't you text or call and say.

    I'm available ______ night. What about you? Let me know. And we can figure something out.

    Then he knows you're interested. The pressure is lifted off of you. Win. Win.


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  • why don't you approach him. you see its something not that easy. its not cool for a guy to ask a girl all time and even get a NO most times, this really takes energy and guys are not nonemotional robots just so you know :)


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  • He's probably just nervous, and it's easier to take rejection if it's ambiguous, rather than if you say no to a specific date/time. I don't know if your circumstances are right for this, but it might be easier to make something happen if you're able to transition it into your day. Like if you have a class together, you could say "I always get coffee after this class, want to join?" Or, you can initiate text messages, but not actually ask him out, but be extra flirtatious both through texts, and in person. Just hint at things, mention places you want to go, movies you want to see, etc. Eventually he should suck it up and ask you out!

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