Guy says he wants to keep things casual and then leaves a hickey? Why? Such mixed signals.?

Ok so basically I was seeing this guy for a month. Things were getting more intense so I asked him if we were exclusive, he said yes. I meant to stop at exclusive but I ended up telling him I was looking for a serious relationship, he told me that I should date other guys. I honestly wasn't super surprised by his answer since we only see each other once a week on the weekend and he is more into the physical parts. I was like fine, sounds good, but I'd be down for just a physical relationship while I'm casually dating other guys. He seemed super surprised at my suggestion and then he agreed.

Later that night when we were talking he asked me something and I was like "Why would I when its obvious you're not interested enough and we're not going to work out." And then he got annoyed: "How is it obvious we'd never work out? Why do you have to see everything in black and white?" It hurt to hear that, after he told me that he didn't want a relationship but I decided to believe that he meant it when he said he didn't want a relationship, and seemed completely happy with the idea of me dating other guys. And then to top everything off he gave me a hickey when I wasn't paying attention and he's never given me any before.

For obvious reasons, the visible hickey is def delaying my search for other guys. I'm wondering if this means he's not actually ok with being causal and I should just drop him entirely even though I really like him and enjoy having fun with him. But I wanted to check before doing anything drastic, I would prefer if I could just ask him what he really wants from this (I'm pretty sure he just wants a fling anyway) and make sure he never does the hickey thing again.
Guy says he wants to keep things casual and then leaves a hickey? Why? Such mixed signals.?
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