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The Risks and Positives of Internet Relationships

What I mean by internet relationship is meeting someone you can't meet in real life right away, this could mean months or over a year. Nothing like Tinder or meeting local singles through dating services online. For example, meeting someone on GaG and starting to date them but they may be in a...

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10 Reasons Why Cats Simply Don't Give a Fu**

Sooo I just got a new kitten and well...she's kind of a bitch, the same as my other three cats. So yeah, I'm kind of a cat person I suppose; they're hilarious. 1. They go on your keyboard and computer desk for no reason Oh hey, you're writing a paper for university? Now you aren't. Oh hey,...

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9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

Have nothing to do on Halloween? Do you have no life and like horror and/or play video games? Do you like to piss yourself in the middle of the night? If you answer yes to any of these well, you have come to the right place. Important: These games are of my personal opinion which may not match...

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Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet

There's been an ongoing epidemic of people faking who they are online, ranging from catfishes on dating sites to people pretending to be who they aren't on social sites like GaG. But the reality is catfishing has ALWAYS been around as a matter of fact, even offline. People lie about who they...

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7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

Considering Halloween is on it's way I decided I would do a MyTake on something I find very creepy and very spOoOoOoOOoOoOky. I know this is usually different from my lighthearted takes...I mean I have done two but's almost Halloween. 1. Hiring hitmen I think this is fucking crazy...

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6 Reasons Why the Internet Can Be a Really Stupid Place

Time to delve into the deep problems of the internet. 1. Opinions that aren't blatant hate speeches aren't allowed on the internet (or even in real life really but people speak out more here) Have you ever said an opinion that wasn't even a hate speech or anything offensive and people still got...

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6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

Have you ever just wondered, "What the fuck, why is this person so stupid? Is he or she lacking oxygen?" I definitely do like at least 15 times a day. Especially when I go on this site; the stupidity here has no limits. But what is the reason why people are so stupid? I mean were they born just...

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