Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

Do you believe you're socially acceptable but people call you weird all the time? Do you get blocked on GaG on a daily basis? Do you not have a lot of friends? Do you want to be socially acceptable and not be a really weird person? Do you not get a lot of sexual action? Well today's the day to learn how to be socially acceptable.

Practice self control

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

Do you want to say something perverted or really weird? Well don't fucking say it or you're kicked out of this class. Rule NUMBER ONE is to not be weird and to not be perverted. Listen up anons, you need to go out there and keep all that shit in your head, nobody wants to see or hear it.

Practice being normal

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

First I want you to STUDY normal people, study them like no tomorrow. Learn what they do, say and what they don't say. Take down those notes and then practice them. The biggest step to being socially acceptable is to know what being socially acceptable is.

Be more social

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

Once you have written these notes down I want you to get out of your basement and to see the light of day, I want you to go out there to talk to women or men. Now I know what you're saying "but OP, that's hard", well I don't care. I know you haven't talked to somebody in years but this is good for you.

Stop asking weird questions on GaG

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

Now that you're outside you can stop asking weird ass questions on GaG. No one wants to hear about your diaper fetish or how much you hate women. This is your time to get a tan and start working out or something.

Be positive

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

Don't be depressed and start fucking prostitutes because you think you'll be a virgin forever, that's not how it works in this classroom. Start getting some confidence in yourself and start believing in yourself. I want you to start being positive and be less depressing. So what if you have a small penis? So what if you think you're unattractive? The point is you need to look at the bright side.

Be friendly

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable

I know a lot of people go on here and truthfully a lot of people here are unfriendly, nobody wants to be friends with someone who isn't friendly. You're that red smiley face who isn't very friendly but you can turn yellow don't worry. Start trying to be friendly no matter what and if you have to get high all the time or take a lot of anti-depressants, so be it.

Hopefully you learned something out of this and remember that the teacher is always right and will always be right.

Good luck out there students, the world is a dangerous place.

Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable
Orion's School: Teaching You How To Be Socially Acceptable
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Words_and_Wisdom
    The problem with trying to be 'normal' forces you to hide your inner self. It's scary, but if you really want to attract the right people in your lives you HAVE to learn to express who you are and what you stand for. That's how some people have garnered great charisma.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • TokyoGhoulLover
    ('-' ) ... welp... I failed. Hey Teach? Is there extra credit? *raises hand* teachteachteachteach \('0'v )
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    • CisScum

      I think you just need to study normal people more, get ur notebook out.

    • uuUUUUUUUUgh but it's so HAaaarrd, T^T sheeple are dumb, I live on the Inter-net! ᕦ (ò_óˇ) ᕤ

    • CisScum

      Study normal people online LOL

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  • Library
    I'm socially acceptable in real life but I don't know how socially acceptable I am on GAG. 🤔 I try to do everything on that list but I feel like I'm not socially accepted on GAG because I'm liberal and I have so many different views. I block people more than they block me 😕
    • CisScum

      Don't worry man I think you're socially acceptable, you dont need to attend my classes LOL.

    • Library

      Thanks 😊

  • Prof_Don
    Being social and friendly, are VERY good points in this MyTake!

    Anti-social-ness seems to be rising at an alarming rate! I feel all this modern technology, gives people less incentive to socialize with people in the real world.

    • CisScum

      Very true, as much as social media can make people more social, in reality it kind of does the opposite a lot of times. Especially if people get addicted.

  • Luci92
    This is hilarious, and you got mad photoshop skills boyo :P

    Remember folks, normal is boring!

    ps congrats on the editor status that probably happened a while ago but I didn't notice lol
    • CisScum

      Haha thank you :) and LOL yes my photo shop skills are too good for GaG.

    • Luci92

      Oh yeah, for sure.

  • SovereignessofVamps
    Any tips for people not to say weird stuff, like knowing what comes off as weird? My tip is that if you aren't trying to be offensive then don't worry! We all have different backgrounds and beliefs.
    • CisScum

      Anything offensive, anything perverted, anything gross, anything not socially acceptable really. I think everybody should just study the normal people, really gaze deep into their eyes and they wil know.

    • Yeah totally agree, although the not socially acceptable part may be hard for awkward people. I'm not sure of a tip for that...

    • CisScum

      You just gotta go out there, maybe get high a little bit, or a lot LOL. You gotta believe in yourself and others will too.

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  • ginny_weasley
    But I don't want to be normal. Normal is so boring. And yes, I was literally just blocked by some guy who doesn't believe in science.
    • CisScum

      LOL I dislike when that happens, people who can't grasp logic or science.

    • Yes he is now speculating that I am emo, that I lack compassion, and that becoming a registered nurse is not a real goal in life. *in my best fake accent with a lot of emphasis on certain letters," Innnnnteressssssting.

    • CisScum

      Damn, it's almost like he knows ur life or something LOL.

  • ThisDudeHere
    lol good one ;D
    But nah thanks. I've grown used to solitude just fine. I don't want to leave this bubble.
  • archiz
    but I am weird XD
    I ve been told several times haha
    so that means imma pink anon?
    • CisScum

      Damn, it is possible you truly are a pink anon on the inside :/. Sorry for the bad news but don't worry we can fix that LOL

    • archiz

      nahh I think we should embrace our weird self :p

    • CisScum

      LOL ya being weird is fine, as lond as you're not blue anon weird and I doubt u are.

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  • SnowHearth
    Lol, this made me laugh because some people really need to follow this.
    • CisScum

      LOL thanks a lot, glad it did.

  • reixun
    Lmaoo I'm the pink anon in the front row 😏😏😏😏❤️💘
    • CisScum

      Oh bby ;), gonna have to keep u after class

    • reixun

      Whyy what's I do 😥

    • CisScum

      You;ve been a pretty bad girl, gotta keep you a bit extra and punish you haha

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  • Izumiblu
    It's not necessary to be socially acceptable. The underlying premise to your post is that society is always correct, while there are a few points that are global, some are not.
  • AriadneSky
    normal is relative (and over rated). Normal wouldn't exist without unique people. Nothing wrong with being weird makes life interesting.. Most of what you mentioned was being inappropriate. Not 'weird'.
  • datgirl
    I think you're trying to tell me something by inviting me here? :p :(
    • CisScum

      LOOL nope, totally just need feedback on my class.

  • aurora_v
    Hahaha funny take.
    But should I be worried aboutthe fact that I got an invite?
    • CisScum

      LOOL noooo, but thank you :)

  • Djaaaaay
    Socially acceptable... is only being social with others easly. Having a optimistic view and not being offensive or intimidating , manipulative in your speach or attitude. Having commonplace and interest mixed with humor or positive out looks.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Yes there are things you should not do. With that said why are you trying to tell people how to be? What do you consider weird? I do not care if the masses except me. You do not need a lot of friends. Hopefully you learn that later in life. It seems like you are trying to tell people your way of trying to be excepted by everyone. Nothing wrong with being into what you consider weird.
  • WhiteSteve
    Glad to see this Take come to fruition👍 That was outstanding😂👏
  • I got all these except maybe "weird" questions. It depends on how you look at weird.

    Still a social outcast :P
  • PT1911
    I'm a god fearing, gun loving, pipehitting, all American patriotic minuteman.

    Normal is just too... boring
  • disgustingweebtrash
    a class on how to be socially acceptable

    a class i'd fail
  • EmpatheticLady
    But I don't want to be normal!
    • CisScum

      You're being normal right meow heather.

    • Woof. 🐶🐕

    • CisScum

      Right meow

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  • TuMeManques
    My perverted diaper questions are fun though.
  • Bluemax
    Why is this class named after Orion?
  • cross98
    so creative !!
  • LadyTerror
    Yay! Can I teach too?
  • rgb008
    I don't know if i can ever stop being pink anon :(
    • CisScum

      One day... one day. Just need to attend every class and you'll be out of the pink anon woods in no time. Being a pink anon is like a drug addiction LOL, you just gotta take it one step at a time.

  • YoloMama
    Loved this!
  • Triss
    That was beautiful onion❤
    • CisScum

      Thank you <3, it was basically a beautiful message for all the pink and blue anons out there.

  • Autumn-Bunny
    I have no self control though.
    • CisScum

      It's okay just attend all my classes LOL

    • Only if you have snacks.

    • CisScum

      Free snacks after class, getting Tim Hortons for everybody. Canadian food haha

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  • USA2016
    What is "normal"?
    • CisScum

      Just study the normal people

    • USA2016

      Nobody is "normal"... everyone is their own different person.

    • CisScum

      You failed, please enroll next year.

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  • ToruMatsuda

    • CisScum

      Yes toru, get out there and socialize with the womens.

    • Oh I didn't read all of it and oopsie...😅😅

  • meatballs21
    Being normal is boring!
  • SuitAndTie
    But perverted is all I have!
  • Adigelunar
    thats greatt
  • MissSakura
  • Anonymous
    This pic basically sums up what you just said:
    <img src="