7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

A real life horror: The Deep Web.

Considering Halloween is on it's way I decided I would do a MyTake on something I find very creepy and very spOoOoOoOOoOoOky. I know this is usually different from my lighthearted takes...I mean I have done two but still....it's almost Halloween.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

1. Hiring hitmen

I think this is fucking crazy and really scary, the fact that you can kill someone for as low as ten thousand dollars in the US and for as low as twelve thousand dollars in Europe just makes me kind of shiver. There are also different types of hitmen you can hire like: cold-blooded, the type who tortures and the humane. It's pretty scary that these kinds of things exist and it's been said that not many hitmen have been caught and when they do some have went on as long as seven years.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

2. Malware

Malware is VERY easy to catch on the deep web, probably the greatest danger you can face there. One wrong link can download Malware which exposes your passwords, your identity and even your bank info. It can also be used for other criminal and illegal acts. This is the number one reason why people aren't recommended to use the deep web.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

3. How big the deep web is

Have you ever wondered how big the internet is? Well it is estimated that the deep web is 500 times bigger than the surface web and it is estimated that all the content on the deep web is 96% of all content on the internet. This may not be that scary but the fact is that many horrible and brutal sites can be hidden from many people still and the deep web is still one huge mystery.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

4. Silk Road Transactions

The most used transaction site for illegal items like drugs and weapons. The website has been shut down numerous times but comes back with a new name and it keeps gaining sales. This is scary because it shows you how easily it can be to get things in the black market with bitcoin. You can get guns, illegal drugs and even pretzels. You can literally buy anything in the black market you can imagine.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

5. The popularity of cannibalism

You've never wanted to eat someone, right....? I mean I haven't. But what's so fucked up is that cannibalism on the deep web is quite popular. What's so fucked up as well is that people actually share their experiences eating human flesh and some people even volunteer to be eaten. Another strange thing is that people even hook up to eat each other. While this is mostly a fetish thing, it is reported that people even give money to eat another person, usually given to family members.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

6. Mariana's Web

Mariana's Web named after Mariana's Trench, the deepest part of the ocean. It is named after that because it is said to be the deepest part of the deep web. You can get weed and other non morbid things on it but what lies deeper is the HUGE library of disgusting child porn and disgusting gore porn out there.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story

7. Human experimentation

Another super fucked up and creepy thing on the deep web is the acts of human experimentation on orphan'd children and homeless people. The site is claimed to say that not all human's are equal and that is why they experiment on human beings which can be exposing children to radiation to starvation. Truth or not, the descriptions are horribly vivid and it almost seemed like someone with an actual medical degree wrote them.

That is pretty much what I find the most interesting and scary about the deep web but it doesn't even scratch the surface about how much content and information is on the deep web. The deep web is a horrible and usually scary place that most people should not try to delve into.

7 Reasons Why the Deep Web is a Real-Life Horror Story
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rainie_
    Not surprised about any of this what so ever... Humans can be real fucking cruel its unreal. And some people have the most fucked up fetishes ever. And considering the fact that for some people, the part of the brain responsible for empathy is completely inactive, there really shouldn't be any shocks when it comes to shit like hardcore raping a child (let alone anyone) or decapitating people while they are alive.
    As for the human experimentation, always been going on, and of course its still going on, not like its gonna stop because its illegal. People are absolutely crazy.
    Never going to get into the deepweb though, I'd probably lose all hope in humanity forever if I actually personally witness such atrocities that are available on a mass sale.
    All I can say is, ignorance is bliss.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    The question is if the Marianas web actually exists
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    • CisScum

      Well it's said to be "the deepest part of the Internet" so who knows. It could have been shut down or its run on a different name.

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  • Tephra
    Great take! :)
    Heard of the deep web but didn't think anyone had access to it, thought it was a place on the internet for military purposes, since the internet was originally used for the military and past wars. And here I thought you could get a lot off Craigslist, nope, its just the cherry on top of the deep web lol
    My question is though.. how do you know so much about it? lol
    • CisScum

      Reddit stories, websites explaining, youtube videos, stuff like that. I could've did it hands on but I don't wanna risk my computer LOL.

  • slatyb
    I'm very skeptical of the report of cannibalism, because that would leave physical evidence and nothing has been reported. Murder for hire -- I'm pretty skeptical about that too; murders are reported, especially mysterious random killings. Drug sales and child porn, sure, there's a steady demand for that and both are consumed in private.
    • CisScum

      Cannibalism would be hard to find though because they are consenting humans doing it so nothing would be reported.

      Hitmen ya kinda skeptical, could be a scam.

    • slatyb

      People report basically everything. If cannibalism were happening some of the survivors would be talking about it. No one is, so the simple conclusion is that it is not a real thing. Any hypothesis that requires a large number of people to keep a secret for a long time is extremely unlikely.

    • CisScum

      Well they probably realize it's wrong and I am guessing these people don't have a lot of friends. If a hitman can not be found out for 7 years, I am sure cannibalism can be kept secret in real life. I mean there have been incidents of cannibalism so I don't really think it isn't real. Also there are cannibalism forums and people saying stories, I mean maybe they are all just trolls but highly unlikely.

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  • redeyemindtricks
    You *do* know that "hit men" openly ADVERTISING on the deep web are about 99.9995 percent likely to be undercover police, FBI, or Interpol agents, right?
    • CisScum

      Could be, could be not. There are still hitmen out there that's the point and it's pretty fucked up.

    • Chico_brah

      Not really. There are a couple legit sites that keep getting shut down but resurfacing. My friend is a CS major and showed me the deep deep web first hand. A lot of fucked up shit. Your average tor user wouldn't be able to find them though.

  • DizzyAster
    Ummm.. you got the webs wrong

    Deep web is like this site... after you login.
    Deep web is part of the website you can't access via search website.
    So facebook profiles that are friends only is deep web.

    What you are looking for is dark web. That's the scary place.

    But did you know that deep/dark web via onion routing was made by the feds.
    funny huh.
    • CisScum

      Ya I know the onion router is made by the government. I also know that the government uses the dark Web from time to time. But I didn't feel the need to put it in because it isn't that scary.

    • DizzyAster

      Why not?
      Most people are paranoid of the govt, and knowing they made an anonymous network that they surf can be terrifying. :(

    • CisScum

      Eh, I was thinking of more like Halloween scary when I was writing this I suppose LOL.

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  • Ahersheykiss
    Thanks for the Take! Do you remember the commercial comparing the internets to a dark city in which a little girl walks around? I have always found that commercial apt.
  • YuukoIchiara
    I've read cases where pedopholes actively upload videos of assault
    It's heartbreaking
    The deep web is representative of the extent human can go to satiate their perverse fantasies at the cost of innocent lives
    It's heartbreaking
  • FemaleAssassin
    I had a job there, i used to be a hitwoman but they fired me cuz intead of killing the targeted guy i killed his friend, the fuckers never specified it for me smh 😖
    • CisScum

      Damn sounds rough... sorry for your loss :/.

    • Now i work for my own, the pay is waaay better.

    • CisScum

      I'll hit you up sometime for hire.

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  • MysteriousDarkness
    You can watch in real time people commit suicide. Human trafficking, sex trafficking, buy human organs, fraud etc. It's a place for the hardest of the hardcore criminals and thr sickest of the morbid people
    • CisScum

      I also hear you can watch torture porn live and girls being raped, it's so fucked up and people actually spend money on watching that shit.

    • @Cis$cum That is true. You name it more than likely you can find it. This huge part of the net is illegal and hellish stuff. It is for people to far gone to even be a part if mainstream society

  • thatguywithakeyboard
    STOP! It's a well know fact the masses are misinformed when the topic of Dark Web crawls around. Let me clear few things up.

    1. Most Hitman services are a scam sites since Bitcoins can't be traced you're getting scammed by fake Hitman, however 0.0001% may actually offer legit Hitman services. Then again Hitman exist in Dark Web not Deep Web :D

    2. Malware exists everywhere, since dark web sites are sketchy to begin with you can expect this as majority of Dark Web is designed for Hackers and Scammers to live freely with Unicorns. Deep Web is still safe...

    3. Deep Web is big, you know why? Because dynamically generated pages such as Database result pages or sites hidden behind a login/access system fall into the category of Deep Web as their content can't be indexed. Dark Web on the other hand requires TOR or FreeNet to access the sites hidden with. onion tld

    4. Neh most Deep Web is save, your getting it mixed with Dark Web :P

    5. LOL Nope.

    6. Mariana web... The 5th or 6th Level of the internet needing a Quantum computer... yeah sounds real right? Oh wait we don't have Quantum computers, so 5th and

    7. Neh just creepy pasta and shit... Lookup project Orange or MKULTRA that shit is real and not in Deep Web, which your getting mixed with Dark Web
  • datgirl
    Wow, that's pretty fucked up. The cannibalism one just really threw me off. Ugh. People are so strange.
    • CisScum

      I know... people can be messed up. It's weird people can fetishize that sort of thing...

    • datgirl

      Glad I haven't met any of those weirdos and I sure as hell I hope I never do

    • CisScum

      LOL YA I HOPE NOT TOO, I don't think I would want to be eaten, kind of a shitty death... I don't think I would taste that good either.

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Every fucking time, im gonna go off on my own tangent here about this.
    Oh "its the deep web"people act like its this mysterious thing, it's not even a place lmao..
    it is a series of firewalled networks... thats it. I could access them through terminal if i wanted to
    1) bullshit
    2) it has some malware, it is not all malware/viruses
    3) incredibly large amounts of information, but remember the "deep web" is referencing a series of firewalled networks that you can connect to.
    4) the network cannot be stopped and silkroad is here to stay, its been shut down 3+ times already
    5) Very rarely can people find these anymore, time travel back to 2004 and you have these and redrooms everywhere
    6) Mariana's web- ok this is the dumbest thing on this list, aside from people calling this the deep web
    7) Yes this exists, they are part of what is known as red rooms, but generally these just reference snuff films. experiments, pedophilia etc. Nowadays the gov't cracks down on these with Interpol, like white on rice so they are very far away from what you find.
  • Luci92
    Creepy af... now how does one get into the deep web? 100% no joke for scientific purposes.
    • CisScum

      LOL to get in its the tor browser bundle but I wouldn't even go in for scientific purposes, I'm not that brave.

    • Luci92

      Yeah I googled it lmao, I haven't got the balls... I'd probably end up getting a trojan or some shit as well.

    • CisScum

      LOL malware ya, one wrong click on a link and you'd get a blue screen

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  • SnowHearth
    My mother and grandmother taught me how to use the deep web before allowing me to use the "normal" web.
    • CisScum

      That's uhh.. interesting.

    • SnowHearth

      By the way the Mariana's Web is not what you described. It's more like a web for spies, military, and intelligence agents. Hard to get into if you're not either an active operative or a former operator.

    • CisScum

      Oh, maybe that's why there wasn't much info on it and literally 0 pictures.

  • Schrodingerscat
    Whoa, I just didn't know any of this!
    Good mytake!
    • CisScum

      Thank you :). Stay off the spooky web.

  • CHRIS11796
    I heard there's a messed up game on the deep web called sad satan supposedly it has child pornography along child gore on it. I heard that and my immediate reaction was "what the fuck".
    • CisScum

      I think it was a hoax I believe, but there ARE games on the dark web about cannibalism, you can take take a tour through an abandoned asylum, shit like that.

  • akadatank44
    Kinda want to buy me some pretzels on silk road xD.
    I actually knew about the Hitman shit. Some friend of mine to me I was like wtf!!
    • CisScum

      I bet they are some amazing pretzels.

  • ClassicRocker
    Don't forget to mention it's the primary means of information to leave areas with internet restrictions/surveillance. In many places in the world writing a simple political piece could get you and your family tortured and locked up in a labor camp for life...

    Also, you're not talking about the "Deep Web" you're talking about the '"dark web"
    "Deep web" describes any page not indexed by a search engine. This is actually the vast majority of the internet.
    • CisScum

      Oh, I was gonna go with dark Web but every resource I used was using "deep web" so I was confused and just used it instead. Noted though.

    • Yeah the dark web cannot be accessed by traditional internet browsers. Dark web sites do not have URLs. When you type in "google. com" that word has been assigned to google because their actual address looks like a string of characters separated by periods. To get to any dark web site you must already know the specific address you'd like to visit.

      That's why it's difficult for law enforcement to take down sites like the child porn sites because they oftentimes don't even know they exist, while the information is primarily spread through chains of communication between people all seeking the same thing.

      In the above example the purpose is nefarious, but you should also know that all major (At least in America) news sources have anonymous dropboxes located on the dark web for whistleblowers to disseminate information about criminal activity or political corruption.

    • CisScum

      Yes I heard about journalists using the dark Web for secrecy purposes.

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  • front2back
    Don't forget "PinkMeth"
    A site that has ALL the private information of thousands of women, including their pictures, naked pictures, full names, addresses, phone numbers, known friends and family, social media accounts, times most vulnerable, etc.
    Each of those profiles has thousands of views, and the deep web is already a place where rapists, murderers, cannibals, pedophiles, etc. gather.

    The profiles are usually added by vengeful exes or stalkers. Some people have claimed to see their girlfriends or family members on there before.
    • CisScum

      Jesus that's fucked up, feel bad for the women on there. Another fucked up thing on the deep Web I suppose, many more as well.

  • _HimigNgKalayaan_
    A take well done. I've visited the dark web myself cuz I was curious. It's the place where real disturbing things lies.. The horror of knowing and actually seeing firsthand there's a thriving community of all sort of crime with its own economy of business around it. The dark web is thought to be far more bigger than the normal web.

    However, it can still be useful. Journalists and whistleblower or someone who wish to hide from government can use it. As an example, before wiki leaks was ever in the surface. It was already spilled in the dark web.
    • CisScum

      A lot of government secrets and conspiracy theories are on the deep Web which is cool. Also ya I've heard of foreign journalists using that site which is cool as well. Of course it isn't all bad but it mostly is where the lowest of people hangout. There's fan forums for. sick things, pedophilia is more accepted and other sick shit.

  • Kantana
    Whenever I see about the Deep Web just makes me want to get really drunk.
    • CisScum

      Same, it was kind of depressing to write LOL.

  • RandomBritishGuy94
    The deep web is just anything that can't be found through Google. The dark web is the encrypted world of programs like Tor.

    Fairly sure you mean the Dark web.
    • CisScum

      Yes dark Web, I got confused while researching but ya I've noted that now LOL.

  • SuperNovaRoyalty
    Wow, this is so much to take in, I'm having trouble getting my head round all this.
    Nice take!
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I have heard of it but never seen it - It sounds super weird and scary
  • Peskyn3gr0
    Silk Road is awesome, I want some shrooms god damn it.
  • Jan1ssary_
    Yeah.. thats some serious shit, I have friends who lost their minds after spending so much time on there.
  • DooMguy
    I don't think it's that bad, really all it is, is the encryption. Anyway you can find plenty of torture killing and maiming on the surface web as well as mangled corpses. . . Do you wana see it? Remember once you see it you can't un-see it


    Also you lost cuteness points, don't you want to have a cute anime picture again? #MakeCisScumGreatAgain
  • Josht13
    How can anyone even guarantee these hitmen actually do anything over then just take your money and bank info when you sign the transaction.
    • CisScum

      Must be mutual trust, I am sure some do scam though I am guessing. Or maybe it's just bad for business if someone does scam, I mean that is basically their job.

    • Josht13

      I don't think it would be bad for business you aren't gonna say to anyone I tried to hire a hitman and got scammed.

    • CisScum

      There's forum pages and stuff on the deep web, I am sure the hitman site has one too. I've never been on it though so I don't know exactly. I mean they could scam but hey maybe even a hitman has morals.

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  • goldfinch23
    Really good MyTake. I've been using dark web for a while. But a lot of things were too weird even to me. But. It's only government's benevolence that dark web still exists. Don't forget that privacy on the Internet does not exists. Even for TOR users. Don't forget that even after formating your hard drive by Gutmann's method, your data can be (at least partially) recovered. Have you read this article? www.hackread.com/.../
  • Mustachekitteh
    I'm not surprised.
    • CisScum

      I mean... it is still the internet so. Ya nothing surprising.

    • So many sick people exist in this world.

    • CisScum

      Pretty much, it's literally a cesspool where people can practically get away with anything which means a lot of crime and sick things can happen with little consequences.

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  • Library
    😰Yikes it is a horror story 😱
    • CisScum

      It's spooky, don't go on there.

  • SovereignessofVamps
  • lime_rampljuset
    Been there, not surprised.
    • CisScum

      I don't really think anyone is surprised LOL.

    • People who haven't been there, get surprised.

    • CisScum

      Eh, even when I didn't know I knew people can be pretty fucked up.

  • TuMeManques
    Ugh. People scare me.
    • CisScum

      Yup... I mean if you look at this site people say fucked up shit here with no remorse while being anonymous. In the deep web you cannot be tracked at all so it makes people even do more fucked up shit and actions.

    • You can still be tracked especially when it comes to child porn. Apparentally the cyber crime unit have something which triggers if someone types in certain words. Even if they are on the deep web.

    • CisScum

      @TacosRAwesome I think it's just a lot harder I suppose. Also I'm sure the people who do that shit take their own precautions to not get tracked.

  • Triss
    HAPPY Halloween 😈😈😈😈
    • CisScum


    • Haha I'm a christian so I don't celebrate Halloween, but I'm all for giving candy!
      See you at the diabetic treatment centre in 2 weeks!

    • Triss

      @SuperNovaRoyalty lol I'm Christian as well but we all celebrate it. It's more like a fun party these days

  • Phoenix98
    I've only ever heard of the deep web in whispers.
  • ClauseViter
    Fuck, that's intense
  • frozenhorizon
    trollface. jpg
  • Adigelunar
    good post.
  • sp33d
    Yeah, great bedtime story.
  • Anonymous
    What horrible information. I heard about and used Tor once, but I didn't know it could be used to access the deep web... I surely never will either.
  • Anonymous
    the deep web is totally overrated unless you're looking for illegal porn, drugs and other criminal stuff (stolen credit card numbers, hacked passwords, etc.)

    nearly any porn, music, movies, software you could want is available on the non-deep web.
  • Anonymous
    Ohh please - you people act like a bunch of pansies when it comes to the deep web i swear... You clearly know its full of things that are obscene and yet you still complain about it?

    I've been a several links that had lead me to :
    Red rooms (Possibly live video's of people being killed / tortured)
    Live video torture sites
    Drug / Weapon trading websites
    Identity Theft websites
    Child Pornography
    Animal cruelty websites.

    But some websites are just downright amazing, (Not in a good way)
    For example some lead to weird propaganda about hitlers survival, the future planned assasination of all world wide leaders, Satanic cultists and a combination of white supremacy gangs attempting to resurrect hitler and stalin from the death to show the world who truly won WW2 and so on...

    Weird and yet hilarious.
    • CisScum

      But still morbid.

    • Anonymous

      Then why do you go on there? Its like *Ohh this signs says DO NOT ENTER* and you still do...

    • CisScum

      I never went in there in the first place, why would I ever need to go in there? I got most of my information off of stories by other people, youtube videos and other websites for general info. I never will need to go into the dark web because it's still a cesspool of sinister/illegal things.

  • Anonymous
    You're getting mixed up with the deep web and the dark web. The deep web is just anything that's not public, like most facebook posts, it's this that's 500 times bigger than the surface web. The dark web isn't really that big.
    And I don't think it's scary, I think it's good
    • CisScum

      But the dark web is still a part of the deep web right, just intentionally hidden.

    • Anonymous

      A very small part. But I think it's good, privacy on the web is important

    • CisScum

      Privacy is all fine and dandy for certain things, unless it's illegal. Good for people who are innocent, bad for people who are sinister.

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  • Anonymous
    If you ever got in the deep web, you'll never find any Islamic group or anything near that, because Americans and non-Muslims are the worst. You don't even hear about Muslims in there.
  • Anonymous
    The deep web is often mistaken for the Dark web. And a lot of bull has been written about both.

    For example, Silk Road, once the Amazon. com of the Deep Web, was really only alive for two major incarnations. One was shut by the Feds, and one was dismantled by its admins who fled with the total escrow funds of over 200 million dollars. As for what happened to them, let's just say it's a bad idea to rip off a community that contains both elite hackers, and hitmen.

    There are just as many stories in the average tabloid newspaper that drugs or hitmen can be gotten in your local pub or on craigslist. And for a fraction of your listed price too. It doesn't make the story accurate.

    For example, that website for the hitmen, is far more likely to be a scam than an actual 3 man hit team. They take your money and disappear. Or they take your money, contact your target and let them know they are in serious danger. And then offer to bump you off for an affordable fee. They then get back to you, and if you don't increase the amount of money you offered to pay them, you're their new target. And so on.

    Look, I'm not saying the Deep Web is a myth or everything you wrote was misguided or a lie. I'm just saying, that if you don't know how to configure a DMZ between your router and your PC, and you don't know how to run everything in a sandbox virtual PC, then you'd best stay off the deep web.

    They don't fuck around.
    • CisScum

      I would never go on the deep web myself, it's not the actual people that scare me, it's the malware. I am not that curious enough to risk my computer and my info. So obviously I got all this info on many sites, reddit stories and videos.