9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween


Have nothing to do on Halloween? Do you have no life and like horror and/or play video games? Do you like to piss yourself in the middle of the night? If you answer yes to any of these well, you have come to the right place.

Important: These games are of my personal opinion which may not match your opinion. You may ask me something like: well why is Five Night`s at Freddy`s not on the list? Well I say: Friday Night`s at Freddy`s has little to no depth in it`s scares, you get used to the jump scares over time and then it just is not fun.

1. Outlast plus the DLC

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

I mean what`s scarier than being trapped in a creepy insane asylum with nothing but your camera and no way to defend yourself? This game is probably the most scary modern horror game that was ever made in the last few years or more. The setting is scary and by scary I mean REALLY scary; there are some jump scares and many chase scenes, and importantly the scares and game do not get old and the story is actually good.

Also note the DLC is very good as well and arguably maybe even more scary.


9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

A very great gem in the horror industry of video games. This game's scenery is very eerie and I mean the scenery is basically the bottom of the sea, the darkest part of the earth. This game may not be all that scary but it is definitely creepy. You're in an underwater facility, the place is breaking down and you're not alone, and again a game where you cannot defend yourself, your only option is to run and hide. The game will give you the creeps no doubt. I definitely recommend this game if you're looking for a less so scary game but a creepy game with a very interesting and psychological story.

3. Amnesia

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

Probably one of the scariest games ever in my opinion and there are many reasons why. For one the setting is really great and very creepy, it's in an old abandoned castle. It also starts out not that scary, you don't really know who or what the enemy is. But when you go deeper into the castle it starts to get very scary and that's where the heart of the game is. This game is no doubt one of the better horror games ever made, and it gives a satisfying story. Also the game mechanics enhance the scariness as well, if you run out of oil you cannot light your lantern which means you cannot see very well and if you don't have any matches then you cannot light any torches which means your sanity will go down. I highly recommend this game.

4. Dead Space

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

Finally a game where you can actually defend yourself, but it doesn't make it less scary. This game is no doubt another gem in the industry. This game takes place on an almost abandoned interstellar mining ship called the USG Ishimura, besides the reanimated human corpses and some survivors. The scary thing about this game is that you`re in space, arguably one of the scariest places to be. This game`s scenery is also very scary and has many cool sci-fi elements. The story is also really well done and interesting. But most importantly the death scenes are very brutal and gory, that`s what makes the game very horrifying as well.

5. Until Dawn

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

A very cool and awesome horror game to play because you can choose who lives and dies through the butterfly effect the game has. The game by itself is not very scary but the setting and the isolation you go through in the game can be. You play as many characters on an isolated mountain where you choose the story you want through small and big choices. The story is great and pretty cliche but it is still fun. The lore is equally as good and makes the story even more interesting. Plus there are MANY cool surprises where the story changes and makes you wonder what is going on. Definitely a must have horror if you like games with a changing story and multiple endings.

6. F.E.A.R.

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

This game was definitely scary for me in my childhood, I found it really horrifying. But seriously, little children in video games is BEYOND scary. This is a game with many jump scares, sometimes too many but in the games defense it also has a very terrifying scenery which helps, unlike Five Night`s at Freddy`s. This game may not be that scary anymore but I guarantee if you play it at night, you will get the creeps and be scared. This game is definitely one of the better supernatural games. I was terrified of this game when I was young.

7. Alien Isolation

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

Fan of the Alien movie series? This game is great and it looks really good for a horror game, which adds to the scariness. This game is a great game because in this game you are not only hunted by an alien but hunted by robots and humans. There are so many things in this game that will scare you and the Alien`s AI is pretty unpredictable at times, which it should be. It also takes place in space and like I said, I personally think that`s one of the scarier scenery`s. Definitely recommend this one if you like the Alien movies or even if you don`t.

8. Silent Hill

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

A very old game and it`s hard to keep this game out of my list. It may not be INCREDIBLY scary anymore because of it`s outdated graphics but the scenery and eeriness today is still above most video games. It`s definitely a major horror classic and will forever be a classic. I mean like being covered by fog and being hunted by demon`s and other scary shit, like that`s pretty spooky if I say so myself. Definitely recommend if you enjoy classic games.

9. Silent Hill 2

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween

I have never actually played or seen someone play this but many people can easily agree it is better than the first and Silent Hill set up an amazingly great second game. From what I know is that it`s very psychological and psychological horror can be VERY scary. I definitely recommend it if you like Silent Hill or like largely based psychological horror games.

Now you might be asking, but OP? What about Resident Evil? Or what about some other game not on the list.

Well these games are my personal favorites or just a game that is worth being on the list. Personally I'm not a fan of resident evil, but that doesn't mean it isn't scary or good. There are many other good games that aren't on my list, these are just recommended by me.

Thanks for reading :)

9 Scary Video Games You Should Play On Halloween
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