3 Outrageously Scary PC Games Sure to Frighten You

Whether you want to consume some nightmare fuel or get frightened for a thrill like riding a roller-coaster,...I would be AMAZED if these didn't do exactly that. These are in order of scariness, at least in my experience.

#1--Five Nights At Freddy's 2

Being the night guard of Freddy Fazbears family Pizzeria is the next worst thing to working at Chucky Cheese during the day. According to the lore, the animatronics are possessed by children who were murdered there. The scariest part is the jump-scares that accrue if you fail, and in the later levels, or "Nights," there is no room for error. The jump-scares get make you jolt every time, even if you know they're coming.

There are heaps of very funky synthetic songs on YouTube dedicated to FNAF; that's how good and popular it is. Hell I've seen FNAF stuffed toys at some discount stores, and it's an INDIE GAME by a nerd called Scott Cawthon!

#2--Slender, The Eight Pages

When you first start playing, you think it's gonna be a boring nighttime walk simulator. But just wait till you collect the 2nd or even the first page. As you collect more pages, the music just gets more complex and creepier, the range of your flashlight decreases, and when you spot Slender Man in font of you, a terrifying sound effect blares and your screen starts to static up and your speakers ring. TURN AROUND AND RUN BEFORE HE GETS YOU!

The villain, Slender Man, has inspired real-life attempted sacrifices in forests, and movies.

#3--Penumbra, Black Plague

Truly gruesome but also quite original, since it's like the horror game equivalent of MacGyver, with all the puzzles you have to solve to get through. There are enemies that are mutated freaks with their penises exposed, flashbacks, and you are completely unarmed. BRRRR!

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  • I will have to give Penumbra a try. It sounds intriguing!

    I can add a couple others if you're into horror games. Outlast, and Amnesia- The Dark Descent are two of my favourites. Killing floor is another great game, with monsters and creepy creatures that swarm you by the heards. This one is a FPS game, very fun and intense at times haha.

    Great post btw! :-)


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  • Mutated freaks with their penises exposed? Sounds like a NFL/NBA locker room.


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  • Meh.
    What about Outlast?

  • Weak!! Slender was a bit scary AT first but not so much so now. Haha.