Creepy games for Halloween 2015

Here are some of the games which I really liked and which I though fitted the Halloween mood for today! And don't worry no game breaking spoilers in here.

Sooo here we go...

Evil Within

Creepy games for Halloween 2015.

While investigating the scene of a gruesome mass murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners encounter a mysterious and powerful force. After seeing the slaughter of fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead.
Facing unimaginable terror, and fighting for survival, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to unravel what’s behind this evil force.

Alien: Isolation

Creepy games for Halloween 2015

Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mother's disappearance

Among the Sleep

Creepy games for Halloween 2015

Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After being awoken abruptly by some strange force you explore the eerie house while looking for comfort.

Corpse Party [Games]

Creepy games for Halloween 2015

Play in this order: Corpse Party>Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows>Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Corpse Party revolves around a group of students from Kisaragi Academy, and one of their teachers. They perform a charm called Sachiko Ever After as an attempt to cheer up one of their classmates who is transferring to another school. But suddenly a massive earthquake occurs and drags them into Heavenly Host Elementary School. What's even worse: they appear in completely different dimensions inside the school

Mad Father [Free]

Creepy games for Halloween 2015

Help our protagonist, Aya Drevis to save her father from the devilish creatures crawling through the mansion.

Misao [Free]

Creepy games for Halloween 2015

The game starts with a girl named Aki (Or, should you beat the game once, a boy named Akito) who talks about how the tituliar character, Misao, has been missing for three months. Many of her classmates think that she had either run away or killed herself. Aki(to), however, hopes otherwise, for (s)he really wanted to be her friend. After a short introduction scene, the fun really begins.

TheBasil's creepy (at least for me) game recommendation list :p


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know this is old but Resident Evil 4. I think the best part of the entire game is probably near the lake area, then after you get to the castle, it seems like it never ends. New level please

    • I played that game non stop when they put it on the ps2!

      Wished they woulda put code Veronica on ps2.

    • Seems I liked RE1 directors cut on ps1, RE 4 GameCube and 5 was decent then 6 was ok. Series got to far away from the puzzle element I liked about the mansion

Most Helpful Girl

  • No mention of Maere? That game had an atmosphere so horrifying I developed a headache from the fear alone. Also, Silent Hill PT is apparently a good one (I haven't played it yet). And since you've brought up Mad Father and Misao (both of which I like), let's have Witch's House and Blank Dream as well. ^_^


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What Guys Said 6

  • LOL I have played alien isolation and evil within...
    But yet to try the rest. LOL.. I will definitely try it... Thanks gamer girl... ;-P

    • Haha x) just don't expect way too much... The only reason i managed to play through the two at the top was because of a bet lol

      Among the sleep is probably the least scariest, but in my opinion they are all pretty great :p mostly because of the plot. All og them have a creepy, dark atmosphere.

      Anyway thanks for taking the time and reading ;)

    • Which one was most scariest for you?
      For me it was alien isolation..!

    • Same here. Things where more sudden and unexpected there i guess... Also the annoying save system probably helped to make the game harder and more stressful to beat x)

  • Alien Isolation is the only game ever to literally put me to sleep whilst playing it. It was that boring.

    Evil Within is a great horror game at first but towards the end it just becomes another shooter.

    • I had the opposite feel. Damn, alien stalking the place is nerve racking.
      While dealing with zombie mutants was bland.

  • Good list.

    I like Resident evil:revolutions 1&2, Dying light, Until dawn, and Soma looks like its good.

    can't wait for the new Friday the 13th game :)

    Love your taste.

  • Until Dawn would be an excellent addition to that list

    • Looks good! I might play it :) I really like choice driven games.

    • another game that is good and made by the same people though not horror is Life is Strange

  • It's sinful that "Outlast" isn't on here.

  • Alan Wake

    Its amazing


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