6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

Have you ever just wondered, "What the fuck, why is this person so stupid? Is he or she lacking oxygen?" I definitely do like at least 15 times a day. Especially when I go on this site; the stupidity here has no limits.

But what is the reason why people are so stupid? I mean were they born just fucking stupid? Did they came out of the womb already voting for Donald Trump and saying stupid shit like the earth is flat? Or maybe they have a deadly fungus growing in their brain and it's killing brain cells by the minute. I mean either one is plausible but let's get down to the cold hard facts.

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

1. Lack of education

When somebody drops out of high school, which is the usual drop out area, then I mean 90% of the time someone will be stupid. Maybe they have a good reason; maybe they were too busy jerking off to the hot teacher or maybe they just couldn't handle it because "school is a lie and school is just brainwashing us" and now they just rant online about stupid shit....uhh ya. Or maybe they think because Steve Jobs and the guy who created Facebook didn't go to high school so why should they? Typical stupid person right here.

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

2. Being anonymous

Literally this, someone can say anything they want no matter how stupid it is without anyone finding out who they are. You can literally say the most racist bullshit or sexist or whatever question and there will be no backlash because no one knows who you are. This makes stupid people come out of the woodwork and just say whatever stupid, racist, misogynist, neo-nazi thing that comes to their mind.

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

3. Memes

I did a little research with my research team consisting of myself and found out that memes is the #1 cause of stupidity. Harambe and Arthur and who knows what else. It is average to make someone 50% more stupid. 75% more stupid if it's racist memes or sexist memes. It also makes you rant about stupid things on the internet as an impulse. This makes sense because it happens so much.

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

4. Conspiracy theories

Ever seen someone post something so stupid you think it's a parody? Then you find out it's a conspiracy theory and also find out it has thousands of followers. You wonder "why the fuck does so many people follow this, is this the end of humanity as we know it?". Ya well me too and the stupidity doesn't end there because when you find out it isn't a big joke and that people actually find it real. How do people follow this? I think some people are just so ridiculously easy to manipulate and to brainwash that they follow things like this. I guess you can't blame them though, they don't understand physics or any science for that matter.

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

5. Bad parenting

This is probably one of the more common ones and there are definitely some stupid parents out there. Sadly a parent's decisions reflect badly on the child because stupidity is definitely contagious. Could be from the stupidity of having a child too young or just having a child in general. Some people just shouldn't have children and spread their genes. Now all they do is rant stupid shit online about liking my little pony as a grown man and probably having some sort of porn addiction.

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)

6. Believing everything you see on the internet

Ever wonder why someone believes in something stupid and not true? Well here's your answer. People sometimes just don't research what they say online and start having fits of rage when people disprove them. They probably got their facts off of The Onion or something. These people are the worst and I would avoid having internet discussions with them because no matter what you say they will still be ignorant.

Well, this concludes our magical journey through the brains of stupid people. If you know anyone who suffers from these symptoms then I would advise you to tell him or her to go to the nearest doctor and get some serious medication.

Disclaimer: I can't believe I have to make one of these because SOME people can't understand a joke or can't understand a little bit of sarcasm and lighthearted humor. I'm not saying anyone who likes memes are dumb or anyone who likes conspiracy theories are dumb. I like memes myself and some conspiracy theories are actually insightful. But it all depends which ones. Same goes for the rest, you get my point. Don't be posting "FUCK YOU OP, I HAD A BAD CHILD HOOD AND I'M NOT STUPID!" or "FUCK YOU OP I AM THE CREATOR OF FACEBOOK AND I'M NOT STUPID".

Thanks for reading.

6 Reasons Why Stupid People Dominate the Internet (Only Kinda Joking)
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Beat me to it. I'm eventually planning on doing a take similar to this when I stop being a lazy shit (might not happen). A bit more technical, but generally the same content 👍
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Most Helpful Girl

  • reixun
    I love memes.


    You didn't notice the D is out for Harambe 😌
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    • CisScum

      My dick is always out for harambe LOL.

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  • relaxrelax
    dude the earth might actually be flat study and compare the 2 theories

    i can tell you are just talk
    you've done no research also you 18
    so i don't blame you

    study it out stop talking i was young once too
    i believed without any visual evidence don't do that
    • We actually have visual evidence (I mean you can fucking see the Earth's curve when you're on a plane) and literally anyone with half of a brain and two ticks could show you the Earth is curved

    • CisScum

      Lmao buddy, it's been proven like hundreds of years ago man. I have done all the research I need. What are you going to tell me, the top scientists from back then were lying about gravity and a curvature of the earth? Get real. Oh ya all the space expeditions all around the world were a lie too and every picture was just CGI. Get real...

    • relaxrelax

      I'll give you both some math and science for the curve of the earth its your choice to test it out I've already done it,

      double click to zoom in
      https://s-me dia-cache-ak0. pinimg. com/736x/ba/7c/f1/ba7cf17e305c1547b928e3a4f3e2c496. jpg

      so cause of the curve of the earth at certain distances we shouldn't be able to see cities even islands the issue is we can

      so at 60 miles there's should be a 2400 foot curve so if you are 60 miles away you should only be able to see maybe the tip of the city depending on how tall the buildings are

      this is the chicago skyline from 60 miles away
      https://i.im gur. com/RnQzvmP. jpg

      the tallest building is 1,451 feet so basically we shouldn't be able to see it at all
      now this picture was taken from the shoreline, you know beach area and we can see everything just fine

      and one last thing not sure whether this is real or fake
      but if you can disprove the video or prove it show me how DON'T JUST TALK
      https://www.you tube. com/watch? v=IAcp3BFBYw4

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  • lime_rampljuset
    Finally, someone who post about the stupids who have taken over the internet.
    • CisScum

      Haha thanks, ya it's pretty rampant...

  • Prettyapathetic
    People who overuse the word stupid or dumb usually range in the IQ spectrum of 80-100.
    • CisScum

      You mean me? I mean I made a topic about stupid or dumb people so... I don't know what else I could have used. But you caught me, I'm dumb as well.

    • I mean I know what you mean.
      You just reminded me of an old fact!

    • CisScum

      Ahhh icic, I thought u were calling me out or something and I was genuinely confused haha. Have a good one.

  • AriadneSky
    Yeah.. people sitting around looking for ways to feel better about themselves by criticizing others, instead of just bettering themselves, is a very 'intelligent' activity. not stupid at all.
    • CisScum

      Like I said at the bottom most of it is a joke ish kind of way to put it. I am mostly talking about racists, sexists, people who believe everything, people who call everyone sheep's and etc. But ya why would I criticize those people?

  • TripleAce
    Are you sure they are stupid? Because smart people sound crazy to stupid people...
  • Saoirse_Nua
    A lot of what you say is true but just one thing and I will say it quietly "I love memes"
  • Zorax
    Great Take, it's so true, stupid people have overwhelmed the internet.
  • Muhammad1999
    Nice take and lol the quote about abraham Lincoln was awesome.
  • YourFutureEx
    Trump for the president!!!
  • Anonymous
    Feminists have taken over not just the internet... but society in general
  • Anonymous
    Ironic becuase you just made a post on the internet...
    • CisScum

      Ya I already admitted I am stupid, you don't gotta rub it into my face... god... so insensitive.