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I'm one of those stereotypical nerds: painfully shy, socially incompetent, unathletic and always with my head buried in a book - until you get to know me. I'm painfully shy around people I feel like I need to impress - think boyfriend's mother. My social skills may look to be miles below what any other high-schooler possesses, and that might be true for things such as certain interpersonal skills, but I'm actually a very persuasive public speaker, and the type of person who can stand up in the middle of a conference and argue for something I learned about and researched half an hour ago with the same persuasiveness as discussing something I'm passionate about, and my social skills seem to have been enough to have netted me a a sweet, caring guy. I may not be able to run to save my life, but I swim, play football, and don't spend *all* of my time reading... Just most of it.

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