FallOutBoy2001's 9 Most Meaningful Songs

FallOutBoy2001's 9 Most Meaningful Songs

I love music, and as anyone who's attempted to hold a conversation with me in real life while I have access to my headphones and phone can attest, I prefer music to a conversation with other people. I have a lot of favorite songs, but here are the top 10 most meaningful songs, and my favorite lyrics from those songs.

Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots

Favorite lyric: "There's no hiding for me, I'm forced to deal with what I feel, there's no distraction to mask what is real. I could pull the steering wheel"

The premise of the song is that the singer, Tyler Joseph, got his car radio stolen while he was in college. The song talks about how with no music, he had nothing to distract him from his thoughts, which could be very upsetting, such as the realization that he could pull the steering wheel and kill himself in a car crash, or the urge to do just that. I have the same problem, my thoughts drift to unsettling places without distractions, which is why I'm as reliant on music as the singer in the song is.

What A Catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy

Favorite lyric: "I've got troubled thoughts, and the self-esteem to match, what a catch"

I love Fall Out Boy, in case you haven't seen my name or read anything I've written about music prior, but I think what makes this song that much better than the average Fall Out Boy song is how heartfelt it is. The song was written by Pete for Patrick as a promise not to attempt suicide again. I think the fact that one of the men I look up to the most had a point where he tried to end his life, and yet now has an incredibly successful career, two beautiful kids and a smoking hot girlfriend gives me hope that it'll get better for me too.

Still Breathing - Green Day

Favorite lyric: "Are you scared to death to live? I've been running all my life just to find a home that's for the restless."

Ah, Green Day. The first band I ever heard sing "faggot" on the radio. I've really grown to love them over the years, and I've been listening to their new album, Revolution Radio. The message of the song, that you're still alive and kicking, hits home, but theses lyrics really stand out because life can be terrifying, especially if you have anxiety, and I never face my problems but run from them, trying desperately to avoid confronting them or the emotions that come with them.

Holding On To You - Twenty One Pilots

Favorite lyric: "Remember the moment you know exactly where you're going, 'Cause the next moment, before you know it, time is slowing and it's frozen still"

Twenty One Pilots makes a second appearance on the list, with Holding On To You. The entire theme of the song is "you're going to make it, just keep going, it gets better." Both of the band members struggle with their own demons, depression (Tyler Joseph) and severe, primarily social, anxiety (Josh Dun) and yet both put themselves out there, which is especially had for someone with social anxiety. I always feel like that once I know what direction I want my life to take, I suddenly am blindsided and have no clue what I want to do, and I'm desperately trying to stay on track.

Gold Medal Ribbon - Pierce the Veil

Favorite lyric: "Are you up there? Just give me a signal I'm reaching you now, because I remember the sound of your voice, but I don't remember what we talked about"

I lost my godmother when I was 5, and I remember being around 10 and, after being told about heaven and angels, desperately trying to call out to her in hopes that she would appear to me. She never did, obviously, which hurt 10-year-old me quite a bit. Even now, ten years after she died, I find myself remembering how her voice sounded, but not remembering a single conversation with her.

American Idiot - Green Day

Favorite lyric: "Don't wanna be an American idiot, one nation controlled by the media"

Face it, the media controls America. It tells us how to live, what to wear, what to eat, and how to think. Most people just go along with it, and it's turning us into idiotic zombies who mindlessly believe everything we're told. Obviously there are people that see through it, but there's not many and it seems like most of the older, ruling population has been sucked in.

Stay Together For The Kids - Blink-182

Favorite lyric: "I'm ripe with things to say, the words rot and fall away. If this stupid poem could fix this home, I'd read it every day."

From the band that brings you songs like "I Wanna Fuck A Dog In The Ass" comes a mature song about how broken homes fuck kids up. As someone who's mother gets along with the family just poorly enough that it makes life hard for everyone, but not so bad that divorce has become a serious option, I keep my mouth shut to stay out of trouble, but if anything I wrote would make life easier, I would read it everyday.

Thanks To You - All Time Low

Favorite lyric: "Thanks to you, I've lost my touch. I struggle to find the sense in making sense and giving the semblance of a fuck"

The singer and lyricist of All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth, has anxiety. The entire song is basically a "thanks for nothing, you're a drag" to his anxiety. As someone who's got anxiety, it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who experiences the different emotions and challenges (like insomnia) that come with anxiety and the inability to care about shit.

G.I.N.A.S.F.S. - Fall Out Boy

Favorite lyric: "Figured on not figuring myself out. Things aren't the same anymore, some nights it gets so bad I almost pick up the phone."

G.I.N.A.S.F.S. is one of Fall Out Boy's less well known songs, but undeniably one of their best. The title is actually an acronym for Gay Is Not A Synonym For Stupid, and the FOB fandom loves to debate over the meaning of the song itself; I personally side with the group that thinks Pete wrote it about him and Mikey Way (fellow Youngbloods, debate that in the opinions section!) Regardless of the intended meaning, I love the song, as someone who's struggling with their sexuality, I always hear the song, especially the lyrics I posted above, as the thought process of someone who's not sure of who they like and who they are.

These nine songs are incredibly meaningful to me. If anyone has similar experiences with music, feel free to share :)

FallOutBoy2001's 9 Most Meaningful Songs
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  • Waffles731

    My sister and brother really love what a catch

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  • Beautifully, Done, hun. xx

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  • castratedwhiteguy

    So much mediocrity here. I would rename this My Take "9 Reasons Why I Hate The Music Recorded After The Year 2000". However, if you do like newer music then check out Hozier, Of Monsters And Men and the new Enya album. Seriously dude! Your music collection needs a major upgrade...

    • I hate Hozier and Enya, and I can barely stand Of Monsters and Men. Just because my music tastes are different from yours doesn't make them bad, if you don't like it you don't have to respond. What a fucking hipster

    • So be it. But are you sure that you really like these songs? I'm hoping that your tastes will mature when you get older. Someday you'll understand what I'm talking about...

    • "Someday you'll understand what I'm talking about..." I love when people say that, because you know they have no good defense.

      I'm certain I like, and will continue to like this music, especially Twenty One Pilots, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, and Fall Out Boy. The band's music has interesting lyrical structure, the instrumentals are perfectly woven, and the lyrics themselves are very good. I honestly can't say any of those things for bands like Of Monsters and Men

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  • Saoirse_Nua

    Some very good songs there - It was an enjoyable read and listen

    • Apparently not everyone agrees with you (CastratedWhiteGuy got pissy because I like "mediocre" music)

  • Theodorable

    I like the stuff from the first Panic! At the Disco.

  • Adigelunar

    thats good

  • CupcakeQueen2000

    Great Take! I love these songs.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting list. Blink-182 really takes me back. I don't think I've heard that song since 2005. Good song, though. Personally, Adam's song will always be my top by them.

    Good list.

    • Oh man, Adam's Song was the first Blink-182 song that I ever heard. Honestly one of their best