Why I'm Outraged Over Trump's Win

Why I'm Outraged Over Trump's Win

I watched the election last night. Eyes glued to the screen as the results came in, trying to hope beyond hope that the results would turn around, that Hillary would take the lead in the polls. By 2 am, it was evident it was a lost cause, and I decided to salvage the last couple hours I had left before I had to get up and tried to sleep, so I could face the world with at least a few hours of sleep behind me and try and sleep on the results. Now that I'm awake, however, I'm even more sure of how I feel about this.

I'm livid. Absolutely livid.

Now I have to look people I know in the eye, knowing that they are the reason my brother will never get health care, that my best friend won't be able to marry her girlfriend, and that the majority of them simply voted for him because he was Republican.

"Surely, you'll still respect them!"

Be civil towards them? I'll try. Respect them? Not a chance in hell. I've lost all respect for those people who didn't think before they voted. If you press them for reasons as to why they voted for Trump, many of them can't give you concrete reasons, other than "He'll make America great again" or "He's not Clinton."

Why I'm Outraged Over Trump's Win

This isn't the election of 2008, where I respected both candidates, and would have been happy with either, or the election of 2012, where I favored Obama but wouldn't have cared if Romney became president. I'm honesty disappointed with everyone who voted for Trump. They're a disappointment to everything this country supposedly stands for. America has now pronounced itself a country that promotes racism, sexism, police brutality, cruel treatment of minorities, and xenophobia. How ironic, the country built on immigration is now determined to curb immigration.

I have some respect for the people who read all of his points and policies, and voted for him based on that, because at least they did their research and arrived at their conclusion because of that; however, it's clear that that's not the case with many, if not most, of the voters.

If you're going to vote for a candidate, at least do research into their policies and looking into their effects. You might ruin people if you don't.

Why I'm Outraged Over Trump's Win
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  • Fathoms77
    "I have some respect for the people who read all of his points and policies, and voted for him based on that, because at least they did their research and arrived at their conclusion because of that; however, it's clear that that's not the case with many, if not most, of the voters."

    You are aware, of course, that the very same argument can be made for Clinton voters?

    In point of fact, I think a lot more Trump voters actually did their research because frankly, it's the only way he won. If you went by the media and sound bites and overblown rumors, nobody on earth would've voted for him; you actually had to listen to what he said (for instance, that speech he gave in Mexico, which the President of Mexico actually LIKED), was quickly glossed over and all we ever heard about Trump was his "build the wall" comment.

    While on the flip side, there's this whole "vote for Clinton because she's a democrat" and "vote for Hillary because she's a woman" that drove people to the polls. One of my biggest issues with the last few elections, including this one, is the apparently massive and embarrassing number of totally uninformed voters, you know? I think it really is on both sides. :)
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    • Paris13

      Thank God many of us who saw through the corruption, voted for a more Honest john. xx

    • I honestly think a better race would have been Rubio and Sanders

    • Fathoms77

      And if Sanders had won, I honestly would've gotten out of here.

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  • springocelot
    butthurt is strong today
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    • There's a difference between butthurt and genuine disappointment and understandable anger that you seem to be unaware of

    • Djaaaaay

      Asker... Come on , unless you had some ulitior motive behind your vote.. being united together is being together to succeed without being divided to succeed in a motive not worthy of being correct in our society that belongs to ALL of us , not just you alone.

    • I know, right? Repubs are so stupid.

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    i'd rather have a loose cannon than a crook
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      i like your attitude lol assuming that the majority of people who voted for the candidate you don't like didn't make make an informed decision. i'm guessing you think you're more intelligent than them too? keep it up man, see where it gets you.

    • You'll get to have both.


      @mostlyghostly yup, your perception against mine

  • AleDeEurope
    You do know most of Clinton voters didn't do any research right? It seems you didn't do your research either. No sane person would have voted for Hillary after all Wikileaks revealed, they only voted for her cause she wasn't Trump. That, or they just enjoy fascism.

    P. S.: Technically, every country was built on immigration.
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    • I did my research. Both candidates, I felt, were horrible humans, but one means that my brother gets health care and my friends and I can get married to our partners, regardless of gender, and the other one had a ton of policies I disagreed with

    • smølf

      Trump might introduce fascism to the US, may God be with us all.

    • The u. s. was built on freedom, the first of its kind

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  • NexAngelus
    i have some really sad news. im going to talk to u as a person and not a libtard ok. so this is a full conversation, with many points that i will go into semi completion as obviously not enough space to cover 1/100 of it. to start with at 15 why are u up at 2am watching an election? next 8 years ago u "followed" the elections? u might of known of them but followed i find that impossible to believe. 99% of americans couldnt follow obama as he came out of nowhere as it was, yet at single digit age u managed to follow him? and his ideas... no. lets skip to NOW

    there were two choices. we will pretend we were not voting for a pussy and trying to make some fake history. we had a "person" who was corrupt. killed American soldiers, had no remorse for this "what does it even matter", though later brings up gold star familys lol. has deep connections to KKK, and russia. accepts large sums of money from foreign entities for power inside our country, even countries who abuse women and gays, or other religious groups like christians, or imigrants themselves like the syrians. now these are just a few examples, not even counting the stupid comments like "taxing the middle class" or talking about destroying coal industry while in a coal state..., or the fact that her duaghter is married to sarous son!!!

    now trump the other one. a succesful businessman. not a political member. no history besides donating to both parties. he owns so much he has lawsuits that affect him by name alone, not uncommon when u have ur name on everything, have nothing to do with u. look into it. unlike the other who has publically recorded defending violent rapists not even counting her sex offender husband, TRUMP is only guilty of talking dirty about women. which men and women all do in private, which he was in... PRIVATE, being illegally recorded by his "friend". all these females that suddenly came forward all that companies that needed attention and had clinton lawyers... interesting right? and why not before? why all and why right then? think about that. mexican comment was about ILLEGAL mexican immigrants. which is statisctically true. live on a border town and see what happens. its not racist or anti immigration its fact or reality. put ur pussy on the line to get raped by these dangerous people, as its fairly common. ill say it again, its only ILLEGAL immigration everyone is upset about. and rightlfully so. any first generation immigrant voted for trump because they earned their place.
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    • NexAngelus

      the muslim fear u speak of is a joke, look at the rest of the world. look at any area where they are in high numbers. look at the high crime rates and again look at the high violence against women and gays. this is not makng shit up, america sees what is happening and is STOPPING it right now before it gets worse. other countries in the EU are trying and some are too late. too many are there and a total take over is happening. i know many first hand, the females are nice "enough" but they are submissive and take orders from the males in the family. even when they try to act like they have a voice. in the end they are controlled. and the males are two faced. how they act around others and how they act around their muslim buddies. its really sad. most immigrants are very happy to assimilate into america, why do muslims refuse and DEMAND to set up bastions of their own country inside america? with their own laws? sharia law. this is reality, dodge the truth all u want.

    • NexAngelus

      the sexist part, trump has more women and in higher positions than most companies and he pays them more. he pays them a shit ton more then hillary pays her female employees. she pays her employees like 70%, its a joke. as a supposide "female" she has spent her life doing everything in her power to hurt females. besides a few things a couple people have said, most everyone around trump thinks he is great and treats women great. look at how well he raised his daughter. she is an amazing female. with a great family of her own. who earns everything she does in comparison to clintons daughter who leeches of the foundation on a set salary and feeds clients to her husbands hedge fund as her only purpose in life... and trump got mentioned once by a KKK member and everyone went wild, u know hilary actually knows david duke and has had lunch with him on more than one time? doubt u knew that. should i bother to keep going? or do u give up, cause i really dont see how u compare the two at all.

    • No, at 8 I didn't follow the election very closely. At 12, I definitaly did. I was up until 2 am, yes. Not sure what that has to do with my age. I have a weird sleep pattern and I was actually really invested in this election.

      I believe you're referring to Benghazi. Still not sure why people give a damn, considering that was not solely her fault, and it was in a war zone. My cousin's in the military and my coach's brother fucking died while serving, but even I have to admit, shit happens in a war zone. You bring up some valid points, but let's be honest I don't care who her daughter is married to, and neither should you.

      He's a pretty shitty businessman, his bad policies can and will affect millions of Americans, and he is proven to be racist and sexist (not to mention backed by the KKK) and Clinton's job was to defend them. She would have lost her job if she didn't.

      Looking at their policies, I agreed with hers more. My dad's from the UK so I've seen how socialist policies work

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  • reptocarl
    Get over it. It's how democracy works. You're a sore loser and the majority spoke.
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    • The majority elected Clinton, actually, but the electoral college elected Trump, if you look at the numbers.

    • reptocarl

      Trump won the popular vote too so get over it

    • No, he didn't. she has a 200,000 vote lead

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  • Death_of_rats
    so this is basically a "I have no respect for those who have a different opinion to my own" topic?

    im not even American but the saltiness is so amusing. I mean america more than any other country pushes democracy so hard its almost a religion. Now that democracy has spoken the losers have all lost their shit.

    The same thing happened with brexit and i find it hilarious how similar the losing sides are acting.
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    • 1whetam1

      Brexit was based on popular vote while the election was based on the votes of a few selected individuals

    • @1whetam1 Exactly what you said

  • FakeName123
    I am outraged over people who are outraged over the majority result. Especially if those people are 15 years old without much life-experience.
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    • Actually the majority result was Clinton, but this system is fucked up

    • NexAngelus

      the pop vote wasn't "major" till the very last min. and once all the different fraud cases come in like virgina among the others, she won't even have the pop vote, so i wouldn't be too concerned with that either. if u care go look it up. another fine example of clinton corruption. gov using his power to illegally register 50-60k felons to vote for hilary. used and autopen and gave them return mail... unlike anyone else in the entire state... lol so corrupt. if u tried to fuck her ur dick would fall off in a min.

  • Maik567
    I gave this response to another thread explaining why I voted for Trump:

    I am from a family of entrepreneurs and that's definitely the number 1 thing I like about Trump is how he wants to support entrepreneurship. He thinks that taxes should be lowered over all and I completely agree with that. Also his trade policies will absolutely strengthen America economically and keep and create a lot of new jobs to Americans which would have otherwise went to foreign countries. Therefore keeping more money In America.

    But overall if you are politically more right winged, Trump is definitely the guy should vote for cause you will find that you will most likely agree with his policies much more.

    "and that the majority of them simply voted for him because he was Republican." Yeah and majority voted for Hillary because she is a democrat, it goes both ways.

    "I'm honesty disappointed with everyone who voted for Trump. They're a disappointment to everything this country supposedly stands for."

    No, you don't get to decide what this country stands for. You don't get to decide what is right and what is wrong. You are the actual person here who is against what this country stands for. Trump won fair and square through democracy and then you come and start saying that people were wrong to vote for him. Honestly if you can't handle how democracy works then I suggest you visit a country without democracy, then you will see how good you actually have it in America.

    I honestly can't comprehend how fucking elitistic you have to be to think that you know what you're talking about better than all Trump voters. You are 15, what do you know about taxation, economics, world politics or diplomacy? Where do you get this false confidence to pretend that you somehow know better than the millions of people who voted for Trump?

    And what makes you think Hillary would have been a better choice than Trump? She's a liar, corrupt as hell, only cares about her own interests and she changes her "views" to pander to the majority. You do realize she was openly against gay marriage too, until she started using gay marriage as a way to try to get votes. Also she has connections with the KKK so pretty safe to presume that she's racist.
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    • goaded

      1. Popular vote seems to be with Clinton, so far.
      2. Lower taxes means no roads to your business, no police or fire departments to protect them and fewer customers for your products.

      I agree with the last paragraph, except the last sentence which is amazingly wrong. Who did the KKK endorse? Trump.

      The "super-predator" and mass incarceration of blacks by her husband make that point, although she said ‘I shouldn’t have used those words’, nothing to do with the KKK.

    • Djaaaaay

      @goaded What on earth are you so mad at?

    • goaded

      @Djaaaaay No-one, why do you think I am?

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  • Theodorable
    You know, the Democrats are the stupid vote, right? Like Historically and currently. The elite and the bottom tend to vote democrat, and foolish young people. When I was 15 I was smart enough not to have a political opinion.
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    • And hopefully by the time I'm 33 I won't be an insufferable asshole who insults teenagers I don't agree with

  • BrighteyedAsh
    I didn't vote Trump, I went 3rd party because I have choice words for both candidates this term. However, had I been REQUIRED to vote between the two... I would have voted Trump... and here's why... I sincerely believe that Hillary was only pandering to the minority vote. She should have never been nominated as the Democratic front runner. IF I had truly believedddd in her standinng for her policies... I would have liked her. But I just couldn't and I just didn't. Meanwhile, I've come to learn that Trump is previously registered Democrat. Truthfully, I don't think him winning will have any impact on LGBTQ rights because the house was already Republican before this and I don't think that's something Trump really cares about stopping, politically. The racism thing... that was never meant to be a political issue in the first place. I know a lot of what he has said in the wrong place and wrong time has been severely misconstrued... and while I don't much care for the idiot... I don't think he's all that much worse than many of our previous presidents... and in his case... I think there's an odd part of him who genuinely believes he can improve America... however misguided. We can't take back what happened now, all we can do is brace ourselves, pull together as a nation of people and hope for the best next four years possible... fighting and division is not the answer.
  • ginny_weasley
    I'm terrified that I will lose my right to an abortion. Also I fear for my Muslim and gay friends. The fact that trump supporters are saying we have to live with it and respect him because he will be president for the next four years makes me laugh. I don't remember them doing the same when obama was president.
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    • I voted for Obama be fair I dont remember protests in the street about not liking democracy.

    • @Righttobeararms83 I seem to recall a video of racist who said we should shoot obama because he's black.

    • there's plenty of crazies out there. I remember seeing an illegal stating that the Mexican cartels would shoot trump.

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  • CheerGirl38139
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    • Please do tell how a 15yo in 2016, "favored" a candidate for POTUS 8 years ago when you were seven years old. This I must hear.

    • 2012, actually. I was 11 at the time. I was raised in a very political family, so I've been surrounded by politics since before I could walk. This year wa the first year I really explored each candidate in depth

    • I see. 👌

  • godfatherfan
    you have someone that said he wanted to date his daughter.
    you have someone that told his followers to kill Hillary Clinton.
    you have someone that only spewed hatred.
    someone that said that women are just sexual pieces of meat that deserve no respect.
    Congrats to the knuckle dragging morons that voted for him. when millions of people are out of work during the next "Great Republican recession", have no insurance, homeless... I hope you will be happy with your choice.
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    • NexAngelus

      its to bad stupid is not a disease that can kill

  • TripleAce
    Maybe you can date his son... he's right there in the pic... or maybe he's too young

    Either way don't worry by the time you can vote, he will be at half term
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  • Dred1614returns
    I've had a year and a half to think. I've known where my vote was going since June 16, 2015. I could not bring myself to support a candidate that would further the Washington establishment. I voted for tomorrow's candidate, not yesterday's.
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  • TheFlak38
    Be careful Trump voters! The 15 year old brain washed girl is pissed because her country didn't take another step towards chaos, filth and degeneration.
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    • I think you're confused

    • Who fucking cares if she is 15!. If anything that's pretty awesome of her to be talking about this.

    • TheFlak38

      @MindYourEyes No. Its pretty stupid. She's merely parroting what her marxist school teacher taught her.

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  • Prof_Don
    If you really broke down this election campaign process and listened to the public... There was very little "pro-Clinton" talk.

    There was plenty of pro-Trump, anti-Trump & anti-Clinton. But very little pro-Clinton from the everyday public.

    I should have seen the writing on the wall on this election, noticing all the above throughout the campaigning.
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    • Clinton, with her determination to steal the nomination from Bernie is the reason the Democrats lost. People *hate* Hillary. I only voted for her because Trump was clearly worse.

  • rjroy3
    It's amazing to me that when a Democrat President is in office and not doing well. "The President is a puppet. He doesn't have any real power". Come election season and Republican might win. "Oh no! He'll ruin all we've accomplished!". Well, which is it? Lol.
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  • Jayded1
    You REALLY need to research his actual stances on stuff. half the things you are saying are just media propaganda. I think you will be very relieved. he has said he will not stop gay marriage, he has said he plans to keep the much needed parts of obama care and only remove the red tape.
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  • goaded
    “Honestly, Senator Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment.”

    Said the old, white, millionaire.

    Hubris has led to this.
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  • NeutralMale
    Actually, i'm outraged with the supporters of other parties because they are just making the whole situation worse by protesting and shit. Trump is going to be your next president for 4 years. The people who are protesting are just idiots who need to accept the results and just move on. Trump could be good for you guys, but he could also be bad. Only time will tell.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    It's not going to be as bad you think. Relax, what you at feeling is shock because you probably didn't expect him to win. Later on in high school, you will learn how our government works. The president doesn't have too much power, power is divided by the branches. Don't forget that we have a constitution.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    Research doesn't matter. Most people that voted for him are sexist and racist just like him.
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    • How is he a racist? No one has given me an example of him saying something racist.

    • @Thisperson98 Trump once said, “I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” which seems pretty damn racist.

    • Do you have link to that?

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  • jacquesvol
    Last news I read Clinton won the popular vote by at least some 400,000 votes.
    State officials are still counting millions of provisional and absentee ballots, and within two weeks, Clinton will likely have another few million votes in the bank.

    But that 'smart' 18th century system won't even consider these votes.
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    • Jamesol1

      Trump said himself he would have campaigned elsewhere in order to get a higher amount of voters in general. You can't say if it was down to a popular vote Clinton would have won.

    • How many votes did your monarch receive? Oh that's right, you can't even vote for your head of state. What a "smart" system.

    • And Belgium uses three electoral colleges to vote for EU representatives.

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  • starryeyedkitten
    And now men are saying " IMA GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY" this is worse then Arnold being Governor of California
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  • helloitsmethere
    The SAME thing happened back in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular votes yet George W. Bush didn't. Bush won the electoral vote and my parents said they remember everyone being P I S S E D.
    The only difference is that no one was fearing their for their lives and futures, no one was having panic attacks, there weren't any protests or riots, the suicide hotlines weren't busy, Canada's immigration website was still up and running etc.
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  • CyberToothTiger
    It's like a living nightmare but you got to know that the people who
    are angry how the last 8 years have been going is who voted him
    in office and Hillary Clinton didn't have a chance to win and this
    one online newspaper had her winning the election so i sent a
    email to them telling them they were so wrong with this election
    they gave people false information about who was leading in the
    election and you know they had Hillary winning between 312-336
    electoral votes.
  • NearlyNapping
    I remember every president since Kennedy. I remember Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. I've been watching politics and paying attention for over 50 years. I've been voting for over 35 years. I also had 4.0 in college.

    I voted for Trump. From what you wrote, it's quite obvious that YOU are the one who hasn't done your research. If you actually understood the US system, the US demographics, and the reasons why people voted as they did, you would never have said the things you did.

    At 15 I truly don't expect you to have vast knowledge and understanding. You are interested in what happens and have an opinion on it. That's good. But be very careful making the kind of accusation you are making without being able to back them up.

    Believing rumors and hearsay, does not constitute research. Repeating them without verifying whether they are true is irresponsible.
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    • Well said. Especially with our media machine, they are interested in viewership not the truth (I've seen it time and again where they take things out of context or frame it so a person looks worse just for the shock value and by extension the views).

  • Djaaaaay
    I guess you think I don't have a clue what I'm talking about , like I haven't dealt with this decade after decade. Regardless of who's in that office , got to unite and speak up about against (injustices) together strongly united , NOT divided against each other playing around with gender wars etc...
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  • Visaroth
    Actually half of your concerns are miss placed I would even suggest that the alternative should have been more alarming, why have soo many people completely forgotten about the Clintons pre 2000, Clinton was/is against gay marriage is a rape enabler, and is accused of being part of a paedophile ring, if just the accusation is enough to make trump public enemy no.1 why isn't the reverse true
  • Walrus_au
    So first question. Did you vote?
    I ask because a hell of a lot of people who I hear complaining didn't.

    Based on straight numbers, it would seem that democratic supporters were less unhappy with him than with their nominee - since it was democratic voters not turning out that turned the tide.
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    • jacquesvol

      More people voted for Clinton.

    • Walrus_au

      @jacquesvol less people voted for clinton than obama. and apparently not enough voted for clinton.

    • jacquesvol

      Clinton 65,746,544 popular votes
      Trump 62,904,682 popular votes
      source : https://cookpolitical.com/story/10174

      And, indeed:


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  • Thisperson98
    I thought before I voted, and I voted against the criminal Hillary.
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  • gotc147
    This kind of rhetoric is why Clinton lost.

    Almost everybody who voted for Trump voted for him either because either agreed with him on the issues or disagreed with Clinton on the issues to such a degree that they wanted her out of the White House at all costs.

    Count me in that latter group.

    Democrats are far more removed from what America stands for, they're openly against half the Bill of Rights and have minimal respect for the checks and balances our system of government is supposed to have.

    So you go ahead and be livid. If Trump ends up being a successful President who brings unemployment way down, labor force participation way up, improves the quality of life for most Americans, makes health insurance affordable for most Americans and turns the entrepreneurship dial up to 11 with small businesses popping up every time you turn around I will not expect someone like you to admit you were wrong or that he was good at his job.
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  • capturemyheartnow
    Accept the verdict of the People of America. I wanted Hillary but I got Trump. There is nothing to feel bad about it. Let him rule for 4 years. He has a right to be in the chair now.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Yes I have a lot of fears about the swing to the right and control of the supreme court - Democrats have to hold together and field a strong candidate in 2020.
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  • CorvetteGirl
    Do you want to move out of the country like the celebrities that said they're going to?
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    • Legally I could move to the UK now, and my parents are seriously thinking about it because of the NHS and my brother

    • Oh okay.
      Have fun

    • I'm fine either way, but I have relatives both here and there

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  • KnightinDarkArmor
    You are jumping the gun.

    First off the President does not have the authority to nullify Gay Marriage. Supreme Court already declared it's a right, and the Federal government couldn't nullify state marriage any way. Also, Donald Trump repeatedly stated he supports Gay Marriage. Also, Trump is a businessman from New York, he knows going anti-LGBTQ will spell doom for his business interests.

    As for healthcare, it will be an uphill battle for trump to repeal Obamacare and the Dems in the senate have enough sway to block it with a filibuster.
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    • NexAngelus

      while i THINK he won't go after gay rights...
      acting like going after them would doom something is a bit of a leap also, ur like.03% of the pop. u dont control shit all. and part of the reason the current situation is the way it is, is because people got sick if MILITANT gays demanding more than equal rights. its not illegal to be gay anymore... civil union was legal long ago... go home. when someone does SOMETHING ACTUALLY wrong to u come back

    • @NexAngelus we are more that.03%. We're around 4% of the population, a bit higher if you live in NE

    • @NexAngelus not a leap. Attacking the gay community will stigmatize his business in New York and California, where the Gay community holds considerable business. They will hurt trump at his wallet.

      And what more rights are the LGBTQ community demanding?

  • Barrabus_the_Free
  • SarahsSummer
    You really need to give him a chance. Everything you mentioned being afraid of isn't going to happen.
  • kickme
    your best friend can get all the healthcare he wants. no one is stopping him.

    If the government wasn't involved we would al be able to afford healthcare

    Contrary to popular belief, no one owes you anything.

    President TRUMP 2016!
    • It's my brother, and it's not a case of affording it as much as getting accepted in the first place

  • JudgmentDay
    I only went by the saying of just "vote against whomever if you can't decide to vote for whomever".

    In the end I wrote in a 3rd party candidate since I cannot agree to vote for either of those candidates for both major political parties. I'm just not a fan of the Trump or Hillary since both are WAY TOO CONTROVERSIAL.

    Each to their own, but for now learn to accept reality. You only have so much control in this reality. Unexpected shit, tragic horrible shit happens unexpected to people everyday. So let's move on from all of this, relax, and just live for the moment while we still have moments left.
  • TheSpartan
    I spent hundreds of hours thinking about whom I was going to vote for. And, I chose Donald Trump.
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  • StickStickity13
    You're 15 and can't even drive a car. Why should we take you seriously?
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    • NexAngelus

      her point NOW could be valid, though her point about following it 8 years ago i do find laughable. for some weird reason she could of been one of those weirdos that really wanted to follow the election and did. though she clearly did not follow it to well and only followed mass media or god forbid facebook... u should not discard someones opinion soley because of their age :P, more because of its merit

    • You do realize this is HER future right?
      She will be a legal adult when the 2020 elections happen.
      A LOT of teens were following the election... most of my friends don't even LIVE in the US and they were following it really closely. We aren't 'weirdos' for following the election. We are just looking out for our futures. We already KNOW we are going to be fucked up with debt because of college, we just don't want any more problems, okay? Okay.

    • NexAngelus

      @helloitsmethere umm u know u are going to be fucked up because of debt? oook now u lost any support u had from me. u CHOOSE to have debt. no one makes u have it. how many people get their degrees each year without taking any debt? PLENTY! if u are too stupid to figure it out, well maybe u dont belong in college to begin with. simple as that. and it really is that simple. u can look around at my other responses if u want to see what i say in other places. i am not going to repeat myself for every person who can't figure it out. no sympathy. there are so many ways to get a degree without debt, its a joke to get a degree with debt. those are just losers who are too stupid to do anything with their lives but fuck off on tax payers dime. and if that matters now, if u are going to be an adult in the future... there goes all legal age of consent laws... u will be legal in the future some time... are u hearing urself before u talk?

  • John_Doesnt
    A sensible person on the internet? I must be dreaming.
    All good points mysterious, well-informed, sensible person.
  • Phoenix98
    Triggered lol get over it we spoke we won.
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    • Actually more people voted for Hillary, but because of the electoral college they got ignored

    • krash2002

      Only by 200,000 and the electoral college system is setup for a reason. It's to give voice to the smaller states. By going by population only, it moves the purpose of the vote to around 3-5 vanities where masses live. Excluding the feelings of every state. Those possibly ignored states include both democrat and republican. If it wasn't for the electoral college; it would be much worse. I'm not a huge fan of Trump myself, but people need to learn about the reason why we have the electoral college. As it makes things more fair on a grand scale.

    • Phoenix98

      She won the popular vote by 200k which actually isn't that great it's less then 1% lol so it's hardly a win for her.

      Especially when she got steam rolled were it counted and were she was predicted to win everything yet we took it all.

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  • Krillanr
    The difficult part of elections to me, is judging what is good for me or the people I know, versus what is good for the country as a whole.

    I wish the very best for you, your friends and your family.

    There are a lot of things that are on their last legs in the US.
    If they aren't repaired... the potential for suffering would greatly outweigh what any one person is experiencing now.

    I don't believe that Clinton is capable of improving things as much as Trump can. I also don't believe that Clinton was as interested in improving things for the country, as she was in improving things for herself.

    She has changed her tune more times than an old worn out piano.
    Trump has said roughly the exact same thing for the past 30 years.
    That is why I trust him, but not her.
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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Cool, ill be the guy who isn't off his rocker in responding to this.
    There needs to be more analysis done. If you make blanket statements it'll just make people respond more rudely with moronic answers.
    When you give detailed points you may have a better chance.
    Think of almost every trump supporter... they give blanket statements to negate facts. If you do the same you will only get more.
    try to steer more towards evidence :)
    With hillary its rather easy to do, though the problems of her emails keep coming up and Benghazi. With trump he has said so many outlandish things, so take your pick.
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  • EnteringValhalla
    waa waa waa.. all i hear is crying... we won fair and square now deal with it
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  • Blitzkrieger
    I dont know why Americans make such a big deal out of politics.
  • Paris13
    I'm sorry, bro, hope you and "waf" feel better.
  • Katy16
    No one cares
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