1 Year On Gag - A Trip Down Memory Lane

The other day, when I logged in, I was checking my inbox and noticed I had a message from GaG, the contents of which surprised me. Not because it wasn't another message asking me to stop being an asshole to stupid people (sorry, not sorry) though that was nice, it was because it said this:

"Hi FallOutBoy2001,

It's been 1 years since you joined GirlsAskGuys! As a thank you for being a part of our community for 1 years, we've added 25 Xper Points to your account

Thanks again!"


Has it really been a year already? I remember creating this account, picking out my username, which was, to be honest, kinda dorky, but hey I still love the band.

I decided to look through my account and take a stroll though memory lane. Here's some of the stuff I found.

First question: How to kiss a tall guy from behind?

The guy that I posted that about? We're still together, God I love that boy. We'll have been dating for two years as of next month.

Most popular question: What Do You Think Of Tattoos On Girls?

God that got so many responses. I'm still hellbent on getting the planets tattoo I talked about so much, and my parents are ok with it (relatively speaking)

Favorite question:Best Concert You've Been Too?

That was a good question, so many people responded and they had such good taste in music, haha. Miss you Mario21!

First myTake: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

It's a good read, at least I like the think so, haha. The take was sparked by an idiot who blocked me because I had the gall to disagree with him over whether or not Syrian refugees were out to murder us all.

Most popular myTake: Living Life With High Intelligence Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

I had finally gotten fed up with... multiple things, and decided to post a take devoted to why, despite people thinking being gifted is all sunshine and rainbows, it can really be a fucking pain in the ass. Apparently people can relate to that.

Favorite myTake: 4 Reasons I Love My Music Scene; A Peek At The Alternative Side

I really just wanted to give people a look at the alt scene from an insider's perspective; we look terrifying but we're not that bad.

Firsr friend I made here - @Waffles731

I think we original met on a series of questions and I liked his opinions, so I started messaging him. Hey mate, if you can remind me exactly how we met that'd be fantastic.

First MHO: Do You Find Asians Attractive?

Ah, that was a fun question to answer.

Favorite MHO: Proper Punishment For My Daughters?

I really hope those girls got themselves straightened out


I hope you enjoyed looking back through these memories as much as I did. If anyone wants to share any stories, please do :)

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  • I honestly do not remember how we met


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  • I've been here far too long to go through all the bullshit of finding out those answers for myself...


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