GaG April Recognition: Our Favorite Pieces and People

GaG April Recognition: Our Favorite Pieces and PeopleYou know, there's a lot of great stuff on GirlsAskGuys every month (and there will be more in the very near future, if I have anything to say about it).

That's why, at the end of every month, we're going to dole out some well-earned appreciation. This will include Questions and MyTakes that engage the community to the nth degree and other quality content from those who contribute. Plus, we'll give nods to those outside GaG who came in to give the place a little flavor (i.e., interviews and guest articles).

So, let's get started:

People We Love

Angela Maiers and why "Mattering" is of the utmost importance

In this excellent interview, educator and speaker Angela Maiers went well beyond the simple concepts of self-esteem and learning, and dove into the whys and hows of human ambition and drive. We see a lot of questions these days from those who lack direction and gumption, and it was very refreshing to have someone stand up and say, "To matter is an essential human need." Want to feel empowered? Read this if you haven't already.

Tommy Tallarico and how video game music is actually changing the world

If you don't know Video Games Live, you're deprived. And as long-time industry veteran and VGL front man Tommy Tallarico said many times in our awesome chat, you don't have to be a gamer to love this music. In fact, those who simply appreciate excellence in art will respect VGL and what they do, and it's especially important in a day and age when there are big questions marks surrounding music quality. If you haven't taken in a live show yet, you have no idea what you're missing.

Questions We Love

Prom picture caption on Instagram? -- Anonymous

It's prom season and this person got tons of great advice from a community more than willing to help. Good the whole way 'round. :)

How Slutty Are You? -- posted by Anonymous

In a time when the word "slut" can spark epic debates, we encourage people to embrace the spark...without getting too spammy or click-baity. ;)

How do I Make My YouTube Video popular? -- posted by Anonymous

Such a great question because everyone who ever opted to make a video for YouTube has wondered about this. Never hesitate to ask for help!

MyTakes We Love

A Female Perspective: 5 Reasons Why She is Ignoring You -- posted by @natanzuelo

A great viewpoint, a constantly trending topic, and a really well-done Take. Props.

Simple Yoga Poses For a Bad Back -- posted by @Ginnyweasley97

Back issues and health in general are always hot topics online, so simple, helpful pieces like this can reach a LOT of people.

Things You Were "Supposed" To Outgrow By The Time You're An Adult -- posted by @Stacyzee

This was just so much fun and stuff like this helps to lighten the mood around more serious topics. We need content that makes people smile, too, ya know. :)

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  • Thanks for the mention. Very humbled to get a shout out.


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  • Congrats to all the people mentioned! Especially @Natanzuelo @Ginnyweasley97 and @Stacyzee they both really write good topics.

    • Thanks for the mention. I didn't see this until you gave me a mention

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    • @Stacyzee really? @Ginnyweasley97 said the same thing as you can see above. Oh well it. may be. just a glitch

    • They do indeed, and from here on out, we always try to say "thank you" to those who contribute awesome stuff. :)

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  • Nice but next time, try to mention content more from the users, not the administration. And I really think second question was asked by admins anonymously :P

    • We just want to show you what works well with the community and in terms of reach outside the site, regardless of who posted it. And to clarify, Editors aren't admins or members of the staff; they're users like everyone else. :)

    • I know right? I've 35 MHO% in G@G community, so I know fairly well who is who and what do they do. I don't know how you misconstrued that I think editors are admins. Anyway, I can understand. Yeah admins are a part of community. I mentioned that thing so that YOU could 'lure' more users to write. If you include your own names, you'd occupy the empty slots in which common users could reach and enjoy their success. That's how you make a site interesting. Users are gonna post whatever they want. You cannot 'simply/easily' teach them otherwise we'd not have so many negative/trolls/meaningless posts here. Hope I didn't sound rude lol just trying to put my opinion.


    • Thank you but that's all quite obvious to us. :)

  • way to make GaG a competition, losers

    • Some people put a lot of effort into their work here. We'd like to say thanks, if that's all right with you. :)

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    • lol see the type of trolling anger that comes out when you pick me and you'll know, without a doubt, the horrors of competition.

      My question is this--what makes you God? What makes you designate for everyone else what to like? What's worse is the feeble minded people who have no tastes of their own--no ability to judge critically what's good or not good and so will see this post and like these takes because you like these takes.

      I'm glad you're confident enough to pick takes that you like, because it shows that you're able to pick things not simply based off how many likes or how many opinions it generated, but because it spoke to your core human spirit. What i'm not glad about is the outline you give the crippled masses who are too mentally lazy or too mentally insecure to figure out their own interests.

      Also, say I did want some may time recognition. I take issue with the idea of competing for your favor.

      Questions, thoughts, concerns? I didn't think so.

    • "Questions, thoughts, concerns?"

      No, none. Besides this- that's one hell of an ego you have.