A Word To The GaG Community


An excellent website, and by far the most casually interactive media I will ever see.

A Word To The GaG Community
I began this site by google, because I had a few questions that other users here had asked, and got me thinking that this may actually be the perfect website to spend free hours, and it was.

Forevermore, there will always be community engaging questions, controversial or spiritual uplifting myTakes, or very common and or annoying questions such as does he/she like me, or whether or not someone is pregnant or not.

Though the thing is, I think I’ve figured out the reasons why people join AND stay.

Familiar and Relatable Struggle

I of course, began by asking questions concerning a very old crush, like many others here. They want to know what to do to grab a certain someone’s attention, or whether or not the person likes them back, waiting around for (unfortunate) countless amounts of time. Although this isn’t something I recommend, it’s something I understand, since it’s a very common struggle among teens.

A Word To The GaG Community
Not to mention relationships, some people come here because they have or have had terrible relationship issues in the past, and come stay here for moral support, because in the best way, this site teaches people that we all have similar struggle, and that we are not alone in it. Every problem here may be a bit different in some way, but they’re all pretty much the same in a way, because in life, you work.

I only realized this once I wrote a Take about atheists or gays in society, as I had no idea the others here faced the same struggle. I began to write things that were much wider and less specific then, because there are just so many things to write about and so many common questions to ask, making others experience just as similar as yours.

Interesting Questions and Intriguing Takes

You may have come across the hilarious question asking whether or not a woman was pregnant by dry humping her boyfriend, questions about everyday things people such as yourself may do almost every day such as singing in the shower. If there’s something you’re guilty of doing, chances are others are too, because it’s just life. It’s completely normal.

A Word To The GaG Community

There are others that just want to troll around just for entertainment, and that is absolutely interesting.. Please, please please keep posting hilarious questions! I definitely don’t see them every day, but when I do, pretty much no one holds back. Common examples are those with memes and strange photos of women asking you (the public) if you really just said that.

Originality with Opinions

A Word To The GaG Community

Opinions are really what make this site interesting as far as every person. Whether you’re commonly recognized as being serious, genuine, passionate, or whatever, it’s people like this that spices it all up. Opinions on opinion-seeking questions that is lol

And then there’s the people…

When I first got here, I first met a woman who I completely disagreed with regarding her beliefs, however I found her to be a very genuine person.

A Word To The GaG Community

There are people I see every day, asking about their looks. People questioning their relationship status with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and there are just people that love to just play around (which is awesome on slower days).

People, on this site, you’re going to find people who you are going to politically disagree with. You are going to meet hilariously sarcastic people, and you will find friends, even those much older than you.

People that you relate with

Those that share similar interests and experiences. I even recently met a guy that shares a common interest of classical music, and an favorite childhood game of mine.

A Word To The GaG Community

Users @razor97 and @Cccgala are two users I have most relatedness with as far as personal concerns go.

Buds that just make you laugh

And that’s pretty much everyone who has their own (sarcastic) opinion on anything. It’s their personality that’s what makes it awesome, and gets a frozen heart to thaw out.

A Word To The GaG Community

Usually the more active popular users that know when to laugh or to be serious with certain things, these people really know how to lift a spirit.

Friends that you can talk to

A Word To The GaG Community

The people in which you have personal concerns with, and others will message you frequently to talk about them. At a glance this is very cliche but also very understandable. If there’s someone you just need to talk about for a bit, they’re always going to be there of course, @SalilP.

People that you just want to comfort

A Word To The GaG Community

Those who have sad days and ask questions for comfort. It’s actually pretty cute as well, even when done by the brothers of this fam.

And that special friend..

The person or people that you pretty much talk to every day about anything that could concern them. They’re your best friend on the site, like my bud @Superchick1234.

There’s also money of course for the taking, but that’s usually made on the side. Aside from the annoying nude requests that the women here my get, god awful gender and racial misconceptions that a lot of you may see, and anything else that may bother you, this is actually a pretty awesome website.

I know it's been really slow here for the past week, even with people I commonly speak to.

And for a guy with a frozen heart, I really didn’t expect to write something like this.. but I really appreciate you guys.

No tears intended.

A Word To The GaG Community
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