Stupidity is Now Trending All Over The World


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I do not think everyone is stupid and neither do I think I am better than others. If I would say so, I think I would not really be any more intelligent myself. Dumb people usually do not notice their own stupidity. However I see that the world has a high level of stupidity and it has become somehow trendy. This has nothing to do with peoples opinions, everyone can have their own opinions and that is normal. When it comes to keeping up weird pointless trends which they believe in for no reason, it is stupid.

And there is trends that are making us lower our level of intelligence and make us more stupid. I know there has always been dumb people and dumb trends, but somehow I find our standards for intelligence lowering each year.

This Take is going to include the word itself a lot more than I was imagining. I thought this would be a much more sophisticated Take, I apologize in advance.

adjective, stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est.
lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party. See this

Where to find stupidity

The answer is: Everywhere.

Only taking a look at the Internet you see enough stupid for a day. For example on Youtube there are coming up new unintellegent trends all the time. Those trends usually only ham people and are not even entertaining.

Have you bought some new clothes lately? Have you noticed anything weird? Or is it normal for you to pay tons for a pair of awkwardly ripped jeans or do you maybe like to go out without pants? I think the most stupid fashion trends are probably wearing only leggings or active wear.

Just looking at our beauty trends now is making me roll my eyes. Is it not a little stupid to go and try to look like a really fake person? Just asking... Copying Kim Kardashian has became alarmingly common. People want to look like a person who is literally only putting money on her looks.

Yeah, not to mention the butt trend. People training their butts bigger is trending for the same reason. People are trying to be super sporty but if all they train is their tummies and butts, how are they sporty in reality? I bet they can not even walk a few miles and are taking the car everywhere. There are tons of these crappy videos and tips how to train your butt bigger and rounder. Yeah, you still think people are intelligent? Training heir cheeks around the butt hole so they can poop with more muscle...

People spend hours on following these trends. After all there really are people keeping them up.

Last but not least: Donald Trump.

What could I say. I think these kids can do it for me. (Kids tell us the truth)

Well, to be fair he shows it himself, if there is anyone who has not noticed it before.

To Be Less Stupid

I think everyone can be less stupid. (Y)

And here is something very intelligent:


PS. Feel free to fill up with own favorite stupid trends or things.

Stupidity is Now Trending All Over The World
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  • Dchrls78104
    Great take and quite accurate. I see stupidity being promoted all around, for example:
    1. Most of what is called music these days.
    2. Males dressing in public and letting everyone see their underwear and /or butt cracks.
    3. Fat women wearing thongs.
    4. People trying to justify bad behaviour by calling themselves animals.
    5. Pastors being given money by their flock to buy personal stuff such as private jets.
    6. The public swallowing the lies of politicians.
    7. Men and women marrying for money.
    8. Little girls twerking or wearing revealing clothes in public.
    9. Sexual elements in cartoons.
    10. Imposing taxes on hybrid vehicles.
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    • whyisitso

      Good list! I agree with you on those! 👌

    • The sexualization of girls is getting ridiculous. I see these high school kids and sometimes can't tell if they're prostitutes or not.

    • @Trollfather You see high school kids, but that's a trifle. I've seen primary school kids who dress like they fit that category!

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  • monkeynutts
    "Stupid is what stupid does"

    I'll just keep reading and watching doco's, I don't want to pick on anyone, silliness is generally a characteristic of youth, besides the absurdity of adult babies who poop in nappies, when they are in their late 40's, childlike behavior from adults can be annoying.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i definitely think almost everyone is a stupid conformist asshole
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  • ScaryCool
    I definitely agree. Not to be a conspiracy theorist but I believe it's either a.) We were getting too smart for our own good and it would be much harder to control us if we didn't dumb down some, thus why all these things are being introduced. OR b.) I was giving people too much credit to begin with and people aren't as generally smart as I had hoped... lol
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  • castratedwhiteguy
    Probably the stupidest trend in America right now is this freak parade of comedians, children, Hollywood idiots and destructive and violent campus radicals trying to educate mature and well adjusted Americans about why Trump is is bad for our country. Go read "The Road To Serfdom" and learn something useful.
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    • It's just the suicidal cries of the dying Left. Talk about sore losers.

  • NerdInDenial
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  • Unit1
    Degeneracy everywhere!

    We are doomed.

    Stupid is the trend. Be better and don't follow any trends and just be awesome.
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  • Bluedream13
    It's funny, you seem to know that the world is stupid, which is great... BUT YOU HAVE YET TO SEE IT IN YOURSELF!!! The donald trump part really shows how stupid you actually are.

    Kids don't always tell the truth, especially not ones that old. Really really young children are truly honest but that goes away by 1st grade. Also, just because someone is honest, DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH, they could be misinformed.

    Trump is no more an asshole than any other politician, he is in fact the most honest politician and I can prove it if anyone wants.
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    • whyisitso

      😂😂😂 you are funny

    • that makes one of us... like I said I agree with you about the superficial bullshit but it's weird because your dislike of trump is entirely superficial and it's just a stupid trend like booty workouts

    • whyisitso

      ? Well, it is not at all like that, but I see you got very butthurt...

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  • Trollfather
    Each person highly underestimates the number of stupid people around them at any given time.

    Stupidity is trending and a lot of people like it because, well, they're stupid.
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  • Celtero
    People need to think for themselves rather than regurgitate what the people they look up to say.
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  • ImSoSquishy
    i remember back in 2014, people were doing research and writing articles about this topic. "The decline of the world's IQ" were the kind of titles used when they publish those articles.

    i see the dumbest people at the gym i go to. there are so many idiots at this gym, i've even met some people that claims to have more than 2 phds, bragging how smart they are, which uni they graduated from and etc. but these are also the people that are doing the dumbest shit i've ever seen in my life and some don't even realize they're doing everything wrong for an entire year. i mean, it's one thing to be making a mistake and then correcting it but for them to be making the same mistakes for an entire year and not even realizing it or even question it? like you gotta be a retarded and need a smack to the back of the head or something.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    Not being stupid involves effort and people don't like effort, for the most part.
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  • wyldun
    the total lack of imagination today kills me, and lack of what should be essential life skills, how many of you can honestly plan and cook a meal without getting it out of a box and tossing it in the microwave?
    how many can do a quick mend job on a pair of pants or replace a popped button?
    if i gave you a cup of flour, a pinch of salt and a glass of water, could you make something edible out of it? and what would that be?
    my biggest pet peave is riding with someone that can't drive to the corner store without his/he gps, how wll you get home if it breaks?
    people need to remember how to think and use their own brains
    find a copy of "Rossums Universal Robots" and read it see how well you fit in there
  • TheDreamRunner
    I agree on that
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  • LegateLanius
    Now? No that has always been.
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  • _乃尺OЩ刀_TITI
    I'm offended and im stupid.
  • Anonymous
    I tend to agree, but thinks it's partially a result of social media too. 10-20 years ago, stupidity didn't really go viral in the same manner.
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  • Anonymous
    I think in the last couple of years here in the US we have seen a ton of politically driven stupidity. Between right ring nut jobs supporting Trump and fuck nut libtards and SJWs supporting Hillary and stupidity like modern feminism, it seems we are surrounded by morons on every side.
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    • whyisitso

      Well, not everything stupid thing is as harmful or as big. But yes, there seems to be much idiots around in politics even elsewhere. Not only in the US

    • Anonymous