Signs That Stupidity Has Taken Over the World

What fools these mortals be
What fools these mortals be

Everywhere in the world today I see stuff that convinces me that humans today are losing their senses! Wisdom and commonsense seem to be going out the window!

Consider these:

1. The "music".

A few decades ago quality music seemed to be the order of the day, with people who knew what they were doing producing music that even now pleases at least my ear. Nowadays what do you have? The opposite. Much of what is called music actually grates on the ears, being chock full of profanity, violence, crude references to sex, and degradation of women.

2. The styles of dress and grooming.

You see males (even little boys!) going out in public with long hair, girlish faces, and exposed butts. This last one is said to have originated in jail and to carry homosexual connotations. If you're not a homo, why dress like one?

As for the girls, they often dress in public in very tight and revealing clothes. I've seen little girls dressed like that too. There are even padded bras and thongs for little kids! How could this ever protect children from predators?

3. Dating.

These days many lie to get dates, and date to get sex. And only sex. Everyone seems to be running after sex. I've seen kids as young as 13 on this very site ask questions about dating and sex, how to get sex, and what to do. Shouldn't these kids take stock of themselves, realise what dating and sex involve, and find something more constructive to do or talk about?

4. The "sex".

Natural sexual acts are no longer palatable for many. Homosexual and other unnatural acts are becoming commonplace and accepted. There's no focus on love or on how to please your partner. The sex seems to be all about what you can get for yourself. And we wonder why relationships and marriages don't last anymore and why AIDS, underage pregnancies, and other sex-related problems are so common!

5. The family structure.

In olden times the family consisted of husband, wife, and children, with grandparents sometimes thrown into the mix. Now we here of gay "couples" raising children. That's right: a boy with two fathers and no mother, or a girl with two moms and no dad. Can't we see that such can be nothing but fake? What really could children learn that is really useful, in such situations?

There's a great outcry these days for fathers to be part of their children's lives; and yet the courts make that difficult, if not impossible, because "a child should stay with its mother".

6. The "rights of the child".

Nowadays much is made of children's rights. Yet no one is taking about the responsibility of parents to provide needed discipline. Some countries seem to be trying to take away the parent's rights in that regard. Yet in said countries parents who fail to discipline their kids can be arrested for negligence.

7. Feminism.

Also called the women's lib movement, it says its focus is on equal treatment of men and women, but what is it really? All I seem to hear are invectives and hate being spewed against men, guys being effectively emasculated, and the #MeToo movement. O that I could find somewhere just to be by myself, and away from feminists! Don't they realise that this so-called "battle of the sexes" will have no winners in the end? Why not instead teach your daughters to respect males and themselves?

8. Listening to politicians.

Politicians use every tool at their disposal, just to get the people to vote for them to occupy the seat of power. In my country, for example, the people tend to vote on the basis of race, more than of what the politician(s), once in power, will actually do for them. All over the world politicians lie, make empty promises, and talk absolute nonsense. That, for example, is how Donald Trump got to be American President. What has Mr. Trump really done for his people, in a tangibly positive sense? That's a question only they can answer!

9. The women.

Gone seem to be the days when a naturally beautiful and dignified woman walked the street. At least in my country. Everything now seems to be artificial, exaggerated, or downright fake---fake hair, fake breasts, fake butts, even fake women! Some poor black souls even " bleach out" their skins, to get a "lighter" complexion. Nothing about them is real or natural. O for a real woman to step forward!

Many a girl is tattooed and pierced all over, wears a thong (or less!) in public, has an absolute potty mouth, parties hard, is loud and aggressive, smokes like a chimney, and drinks like a fish. Some cannot count the number of sexual partners they've had with both hands. They often rate their partners according to the amount of money the partner has. Girls like this then wonder why the men treat them like proper crap. What they don't realise is that once an object is sold, it depreciates in value!

In the US black women are seen as difficult to deal with, loud, and aggressive. Then they complain about the black men going with white women. Instead of bashing the men or the white women, why don't they look at themselves to make sure they're not the problem?

10. Trying to change someone.

Smoking is a dealbreaker for me. Why then would I date a girl that smokes? Do I think I could somehow make her stop smoking? Isn't this a decision only she can make for herself, if she wants to? Yet there are women who get with men who have ways the women don't like, thinking they could change the men. Men are guilty of this, too. They get with wild women hoping to convert them. All this makes as much sense as marrying a prostitute and taking her home with you. How many of these persons end up dead or seriously unhappy!

Thus far some examples of the rank stupidity being promoted now. If you see any more examples of stupidity in today's world, feel free to comment!

Signs That Stupidity Has Taken Over the World
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  • ROCKS128
    Most of these things are related to some stupid ego women directly or indirectly!
    And yes we are being soo stupid, can't wait for moron level!😝
    Is this still revelant?

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  • lilaqua
    Ahh and you’ve proven yourself to be the most ignorant and stupidest of them all
  • Nadim171
    I agree, but liberalism and being anti church is one too
  • zagor
    I have to agree about the politicians. But from movies I've seen, long hair for guys was much bigger in the seventies than it is now.
  • Ellie-V
    I don’t agree, but you know... good take☺️
  • MasterKey18
    Haha You forgot our politicians.
    • Actually, politicians I covered in #8.

    • Haha Okay, well, I brought more color to your world then.

  • GayHowellMeme
    I agree
  • Good take
  • Anonymous
    Yes the 2016 election pretty much convinced me that stupidity is out of control.
  • Anonymous
    Stupidity is now a widespread epidemic!!! Lord helps us!!!
  • Anonymous
    I agree with everything except the feminists. Some of us actually want equality, while others want superiority, which I don't agree with.
  • Anonymous
    I agree with all you've said in this article. I hate the question, on this site about sex. I mean does nobody want a relationship anymore?
  • Anonymous
    I agree with everything except for 7... the problem is not feminism but feminazis (misandrists and female supremacists).
  • Anonymous
    I see you have not escaped it.
  • Anonymous
    This take is a stew of what's brewing in your mind.