The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017


1. Doing Weird Sh*t to Your Eyebrows

The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017
The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017

Blame youtube and the runways for all these girls...and some guys...doing all sorts of weird stuff to their eyebrows. This one is definitely a head scratcher because I've yet to find any normal human being who wants to see someone with a feathered eyebrow or a squiggly eyebrow. There is just no need for it. It's an eyebrow. It's just meant to like help keep dust form your eyes.

2. Fidget Spinners

The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017

These were allegedly supposed to help those with ADHD or anxiety as a sort of coping mechanism, but cut to almost 2018, and no one knows where their fidget spinners are anymore, and those who had anxiety or ADHD...STILL have it. These didn't help. These were entertaining for about an hour before users realized they bought something that literally just spins. Move over pet rock, fidget spinners now need a place next to you in the dusty attic to go and die.

3. Fake Fur Sandals

The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017
The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017

Why? Just why? I mean sure if you live in Alaska or someplace where minus 10 is a thing, fur on a boot may be useful in keeping you warm, but fur on a sandal...a sandal? Where are you wearing this? What situation on a hot summer's day, does one require fur on a sandal? Think of the clean up dragging the fur across a rainy day's walk or on the beach. You can't wear these fancy pants place is going to think fur sandals are formal wear. But more importantly...why, just why?

4. Unicorn Everything

The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017
The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017

It all starts with the best of intentions doesn't it? People having fantasies of a childhood filled with the most mythical and magical of beasts, the unicorn. But then it all got out of hand with people doing unicorn make-up, unicorn hair, dressing up with unicorn headbands and hoodies, and drinking unicorn drinks, and going around as rainbow colored glittery messes. This is definitely one of those phases you look back on and think what was I thinking.

5. YouTube Drama

The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017

Every year it seems to get worse with the increasing voyerism, cyber bullying, 15 minute famers, viral videos, and both fake and real beefs between youtubers to get views, but this year has been particularly crazy. Not only are fellow youtubers taking their issues with other youtubers public, so are their fans showing up to Youtube Cons to out, confront, shame, fight, bully, or otherwise diss those they dislike IRL. Security is now a real thing at these conventions as is both fans and youtubers being thrown out of conventions for their behavior and antics. Unfortunately, regular people and trolls feed off this mess and give these clowns views, so it will continue on for as long as their is social media to speak of.

6. Fake-Fake News

The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017

It's one thing to expose fake news for what it is, but it is another to create fake-fake news to distract from the real news and the real truth about certain situations. This is the point we are at now where there is first off "too much" information out there, and then on top of that you have Russians creating fake-fake news, you have a president denying the truth even when on video and then calling real news, fake news, then you have real news being called fake news. Its hard to really say the truth is out there anymore when at every turn, even if you want to say, this is real, two seconds later, someone yells that its fake either because it is OR isn't.


The 6 Dumbest Trends of 2017
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hollywood-Glam
    Especially the last one... I've noticed that calling out what you think is fake news is super common these days. Not everything on the internet is necessarily fake, it seems that some people are brainwashed to the idea of "not everything you see on the internet is real". Nope, the internet can be genuine too. Just because something isn't on the radio, tv, or newspapers, does not mean that it is fake!
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    • Anonymous

      The sad fact is no one is doing their own homework. We believe people simply because they say something is fake or we ourselves say something is fake without actually looking it up and confirming that. This is extremely dangerous because we need to be informed in this day and age, about things that for example endanger our lives or laws/events that will effect us or our families.

Most Helpful Guy

  • jacquesvol
    The dumbest trend of 2016: spreading fake news
    The dumbest trend of 2017: calling every news you don't like fake.
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  • BrittBratt2416
    1. Everyone kept talking about these squiggly/featured brows yet nobody was doing it on video on youtube. Not even the beauty gurus.
    2. I have no idea how these things got so much attention, all I know is that they just because popular out of no where. Even my nephew has one and honestly i don't think it helps at all with fidgeting either. In fact, it does the opposite and makes people keep spinning it out boredom.
    3. Pretty sure something like that was done long before in the past.
    4. I'm still made that I didn't get to try that drink, I still think unicorn style/colored hair is pretty but everything else is just too much and kiddy like.
    5. Youtube drama is for entertainment, I bet they're all in on for the views but honestly it can be quite interesting sometimes.
    6. Because of trump this whole fake news crap started when its probably been around for long time now. But when ever someone doesn't agree with something that's the first thing they say is fake news. Hello this guy you voted for president is fake news, why don't you talk about that.
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  • lumos
    I personally found the eyebrow trend funny. Nobody ever even thought this was shit that you could apply to your every day beauty routine, it's just a different take at what you could do with your eyebrows. So I don't understand why some people are taking it so seriously and pointing out just how awful it is - thanks captain obvious, that's what makes it funny. Not everything in life needs to be necessary or beautiful, some of it can be totally pointless but also hilarious/creative/outside the box.
    As for the rest, to hell with it all.
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    • Anonymous

      ... and it's still dumb. You've basically admitted that, hence the title. Something can be funny... and still dumb.. and when is pointing out dumb trends, it's all captain obvious because it's a rehash of the year, duh!

    • lumos

      I never said it was dumb :D I think it was clever.

    • Anonymous

      ...(whispers) still dumb :)

      ... but that's life is it not, especially when it comes to beauty---everything is subjective...'another man's trash' sort of thing.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Fidget spinners were bound to go the way of pogs. After all: they're crap. I get better amusement from playing with a $15 Transformer toy.
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    • Anonymous

      Oh Pogs...

  • meekayla
    the drink looks so yummy though I love unicorns and rainbows lol and I am part of that community I can't member all the letters they added some over years you know what I am saying i'm bi also I am a kid at heart I wanna play dungens and dragons I am also a nerd lol anyways the spinners ok but they got boreing fast but my 46yr old boyfriend liked em a lot lmfao the rest I hate
  • EvanR
    Glad I live in a very rural area so I don't have to experience at least half of this bull. No matter what though, fake news shows no mercy.
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  • Rainie_
    Those wavy eyebrows are making me feel really strange just looking at them. My mind feels like it's tripping...
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  • BCRanger10
    #1... most definitely! My goodness, those are dreadful!
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  • bang678
    I think the eye brow thing was meamt to be fun and silly, not an actual trend meamt to be worn outside the house.
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  • PrincessPie
    Only trend i guess i had anything to do with was fidget spinners but i only had one and got bored of it pretty quickly lol.
  • Astoriana
    I’m not convinced that anyone outside of Instagram actually did the weird shit to their eyebrows.
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  • karahiri
    i regret not having tried the unicorn frap.

    rest of it, i agree with
  • Nice Take !!!

    Invisible Dresses: These dresses are designed to make the person wearing it appear unclothed while still concealing their private areas. Though they may look good on a small number of (skinny and fit) people, the rest of girls should probably just say: “No thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Except this wasn't a trend for 2017, the dress in question was worn at an Oscar party in 2015, and the likes of Rihanna, and other models wearing nude illusion dresses was more a 2014-15 thing. Still pointless, sure.

    • Thanks for informing me. 😊

  • lyannamormont

    I feel like I don't wanna live in this world anymore. AHAHAH
  • blondfrog
    I agree lol. Except unicorn everything looks kinda cool though XD lol just saying.
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  • Italian_Weapon
    I hate 2017 so much.
    My senses are telling me that 2018 will be better
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    • Aldorra

      Lol indeed... This world keeps going from bad to worst

    • I hope so...
      I'm having a terrible 2017

  • GayHowellMeme
    I hate 2017 so much.
    My senses are telling me that 2018 will be better ; ' )
  • Glue-Sniffer
    I agree with this list wholeheartedly!
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  • HappyHufflepuff
    Am giggling
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  • Flower-petal
    The brows and makeup are totally ridiculous
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  • Prima_Dana
    Most of these things are fads.
    • Anonymous

      I think they are basically one in the same. Fads are short lived, and trends can be too. Even now, I think the zest for all but the last one or two, have died down and something else will surely pop up in 2018 to take it's place.

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