Some Popular Tweets of 2017


Just some Tweets that were Popular in 2017, there are obviously millions of tweets that were popular and that I didn't include.

Some Popular Tweets of 2017

Katy Perry becoming the first person to reach 100 million twitter followers.. to be honest, of all celebrities I didn't think she would be the first.

Celebrities reacting to the Yes Vote in Australia

Larissa Waters' reply on breastfeeding

Kevin Spacey's sexual harassment response and coming out

Macklemore's NRL Grand Final performance

Ariana Grande's apology following the Manchester attacks

Barack Obama's quote from Nelson Mandela

Some Popular Tweets of 2017
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  • Political_dude
    Thanks for sharing. :) There's a feature while writing takes to add social media post link. Click on last button (+) and you can add social media posts from Twitter or Facebook. Considering you're Editor, you can correct it and we can read comments on respective tweets :)
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  • Thanks for sharing your My Take. It's interesting. Please don't mind but I never understand why users create Takes which are already available on Internet. @fyodorovna had also created Take on Most Popular Instagram Post. Great Work Taking inspiration from our Admin. I learned something new. 😊👍 Popular Tweets of 2017
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  • Waffles731
    On the Aussie senate topic, weren't a bunch of your senators found ineligible for office cause of citizenship in other countries
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