Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet

Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet

There's been an ongoing epidemic of people faking who they are online, ranging from catfishes on dating sites to people pretending to be who they aren't on social sites like GaG. But the reality is catfishing has ALWAYS been around as a matter of fact, even offline. People lie about who they truly are in real life all the time. But being online of course makes it much easier. These people are most likely fat basement dwellers, ugly assholes who are pretending to be good looking, psychologically imbalanced individuals, people who have a sick sense of fun and men trying to be women and the other way around.

But why do people do this exactly? Are they just sad loser's who don't have anything better to do? Disturbed psychologically? Shitty person? Some sort of an addiction? Well yes to all of those but let's look at what types of liars these people are and their psychological profiles are.

First off let's put them into different categories of catfishing:

Types of Catfish

Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet

These people can be in social games or even non-social games, social websites, dating websites, and more. You can get hit bit a catfish almost anywhere on the internet.

Catfishes come in many forms and aren't a one shoe fits all kind of thing.

Revenge catfish

These people's goals are to simply get revenge. They think a person has done harm against them and they seek to make a person's life miserable.

Bored catfish

No real goals or real motivations besides messing around with people. Too much time on their hand and probably a loser who sits in their basement.

Unrequited love catfish

These are the type that are in love with someone and don't think their looks are good enough so they fake who they look like in hopes of having some sort of chance.

Scary catfish

The catfish who just wants chaos and to break hearts. Kind of like the serial killer of the catfish world.

Lonely catfish

The type of catfish who uses loneliness as an excuse. Usually just want conversations and they use a good looking profile to get that.

Opposite gender catfish

These people can often be gay or have some sick sense of humor of tricking someone into thinking they're actually dating the same gender.

Pickup artists catfish

These people use the internet to just practice their game on different women/men and to meet new people.

Profiteer catfish

These catfishes have turned catfishing into a sort of business. They lure horny guys into giving credit card information or even sometimes blackmailing them into giving money.

So from these types alone obviously they all would have different psychological profiles and different reasons, or none at all. But they all create fake persona's to get what they want.

The psychological profiles of a catfish

Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet

Well there are many reason's why someone would catfish on sites and all of them are pretty fucking stupid if you ask me. But maybe I just need to put my mind in the mind of a catfish.

So catfishes are actually quite complex, they aren't simple people by far.


These people ARE predators, they lure people in and pounce on their prey. They hold little to no empathy for their prey which also makes them a little bit narcissistic as well to a degree.

Their life is not interesting

Their life may not be interesting so they use the internet to create a form of fantasy, a fictional universe where they use their prey to make it happen and to make it "real".

They take out their failures on other people

These people can also be very cruel to people that have no involvement in their failures. They often just want to hurt someone for the sake of hurting someone and wanting to take out all of their anger on someone. This is often because of rejection

No motive's at all

Some have little to no motives besides creating a sick sense of fun for themselves. They just like screwing around with their prey and find some sort of weird empowerment out of it. These catfish can be the worst kind.

Less heartless kind

Some aren't the worst but they are still catfishing. Usually this kind can't connect well to people out of the internet so they create fake persona's online or more than one to fulfill their needs. But to them it doesn't matter if it's a lie, they get excitement and fun out of it.

Most don't look into the future

Have you ever wondered why a catfish never thinks of the future? Well the reason behind that is because they're so into the moment. They trap themselves into the fantasy of the moment and refuse to think of what could happen in the future.


Some just want cheap entertainment and want a few laughs from making someone believe their fake persona.

Addicted to lying

Some just can't stop lying which makes them pathological liars. They have little actual motives behind the lying.

Keep it mind, a catfish can be many of these, a few or just one.

How to avoid a catfish

Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet

1. Never having access to a webcam or rarely ever show their face.

2. They can't immediately send you pictures of themselves.

3. Always making excuses about meeting in real life, often the excuses are trying to provoke sympathy.

4. Rarely will give a physical address

5. If they do give out social media it will most likely have little followers or friends and if they have pictures with other people they will have no tags.

6. They may start talking romantically VERY fast, maybe in the first day.

7. If the person seems too good to be true, they may actually be too good to be true.

8. If they look like they're a model or mildly famous, they could be a catfish

9. They will avoid talking on the phone or on any kind of voice chat, but keep in mind voice changers do exist.

These all are not 100% telltale signs that the person is a catfish, but if a person has many or even a few of these, it's possible that they are.

If you're catfishing on this site, well fuck you.

Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet
Catfishing: The Epidemic Sweeping the Internet
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Brokenheartedx
    Haha guy I know catfished me on dating sites, it happened so often I got paranoid and started to think everyone was him.

    I gave up dating sites and been better for it.

    Question I'd like to know is why he done it? No one seems to know the answer, I have seen him in years so don't understand it, In fact some tried to blame me for him catfishing me.
    When people catfish others they don't understand how harmful it is to the person they are doing it to. It's a form of bullying and it should be taken seriously.
    My catfish has me to scared to leave my home and he lives nowhere near me. But his messages of I saw you in places in my home town, he lives in the city 10 miles from my town, that's creepy as Fk.

    Catfishing is usually a coward who uses the Internet to hate on people that they think they have done harm to them,
    I didn't do Anythin to this man to catfish me. I don't mean a teenage kid I mean a 30 year old man still holding a grudge, he dumped me.

    So to cap it off catfish are usually simple bat shit crazy folk that need sent to the lala looney hospital
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    Good take
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What Girls & Guys Said

    i mean, i don't want to show my face online but it's for my own protection.
    • CisScum

      No I understand that, I always forget to specify something. That list is mostly for people who are trying to date online or maybe being close friends. But at the same time just because you don't post your face online, doesn't mean you're a catfish. You'd be a catfish if you posted someone else's face online and acted like you are that person.

  • mooky06
    • CisScum

      That's how they get you, you think you have your net up but the catfish strikes you from behind LOL.

    • mooky06

      "Strikes you from behind"

      They're going up that way? 😳 What the shitt? Haha I'm joking lol

      Just have no time for catfishes honestly. Although I've been called that a couple of times lol

    • CisScum

      LOL that's another negative, if you're slightly attractive then people will call you out for being a catfish even though you aren't.

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  • openthedoors
    Yo I was a revenge catfish one time I made a dudes account and totally trolled this one guy. But just as an fyi some girls just don't want to meet in real life or send pics of themselves (if you're talking about on here- I'm not sure how dating websites work). But overall good take very informative.
    • CisScum

      Eh, just gotta keep an open mind about people on here. Not to think every girl on here is a girl and not every guy on here is a guy. I'm mostly talking about people who get close online and maybe have some sort of romantic feelings, or just the general catfish that "trolls" people.

    • Ya I get what you're saying. I was messaged by this one chick who immediately started asking questions about me and for pictures of myself yet the camera on her phone was never working so it's a dangerous game.

  • woefulfairies
    a lot of the signs of being a catfish can also just mean a person is just shy. I don't like showing my face for privacy reasons, it's really rare if I choose to show anyone a picture of me. and also, with so many ways to see people "right away" - snapchat, kik (camera pics), facetime and Skype, it's pretty easy to spot a catfish and stay away.
    • CisScum

      Those reasons are mainly if you're in a more so romantic relationship with someone online, friends not so much even though it can still apply.

  • Streamhopper
    Makes sense. There are a lot of fakers out there. The Internet makes it so much easier. I'm not catfishing; there's no point. At my age, you learn some things just don't make sense, and even when I was younger and I could have, I wouldn't have. Feelings are not a toy.
    • CisScum

      Very true, I mean it's pointless and a waste of time.

  • bloodmountain1990
    I've dealt with the unrequited love catfishes plenty of times. Very awkward position to be in.

    I just don't get why people use misleading pictures. I mean people will like what you have or they won't. How are you gonna know who likes you the way you are if you mislead people?
    • CisScum

      Exactly, people need to embrace who they are because it won't matter if you pretend you're someone you aren't online, it will always end in disaster. Someone will like you for who you are regardless.

    • Exactly. It'd be like me saying im muscular when im actually very skinny.

    • I wonder how pretending to be someone or misleading others got the name catfish?

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  • datgirl
    Yea, they're just sad mopes. I called out a catfish a couple of days ago and it got me so pissed that she was pretending and she made it worse by acting as if I was in the wrong. I just wasn't gonna stand for it cause she had the poor guy that mentioned her in a "who has the best face" sorta question fooled too. I'm happy that I made her deactivate in the end tho 😎
    • CisScum

      There's too many and ya they are all sad... it's fucked up.

    • Thats sweet I have done that a few times 😎 which user was it?

    • datgirl

      @akadatank44 gigi_W
      She was pretending to be the instagram model Cindy Kimberly.

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  • lostgirl_searching
    My ex became a revenge catfish because I finally moved on and found someone and it's crazy because he cheated on me and I was being emotionally abused. That's why I left so now he's trying to ruin my relationship, so I guess scary catfish as well
    • CisScum

      Ah that sucks, catfishes are horrible and can't believe someone would stoop that low.

    • Right exactly

  • rjroy3
    With FaceTime, Skype, facebook video, snapchat, instagram video, tinder. Really so many ways to actually see people there should not be a problem with catfishing lol. No excuses. Going out is best, but if you're going to do online... be smart about it.
    • CisScum

      Exactly, snap chat is enough to figure out if someone is a catfish or not. But tinder and insta is definitely the top places to catfish for sure. I've heard of too many tinder catfish stories.

    • rjroy3


      Insta because you can DM and video cat. Tinder you can setup an in person date, because they're in your area. SnapChat is the better option, but you get my point. You can quickly filter out whether or not they're for real.

    • CisScum

      Ya tinder and insta is where you can find out fast but the fact that if you ever meet in person and she's a catfish well... that's a horrible feeling.

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  • BellePepper
    This is a good start. But a lot of the tips are things a lot of people do to stay safe online.

    The more people learn from people lying to them the better. Some people just want to be taken in though. Have you ever seen that show Catfish? There's a dude on there who's been SERIOUSLY catfished like 3 times.
    • CisScum

      That's fine if you don't want to be social online, you don't need to give anything away to random people. This mainly applies to. people who are sometimes friends and mostly people who date/sext/whatever online.

    • Makes sense

  • HeckYeah
    I'm a catfish, I'm actually Taylor Momsen. Do I look hot?
    • CisScum

      Nah I'd rather you be Anna kendrick

  • TokyoGhoulLover
    Damn, people are cruel as fuck <:( b-but at least I have Naruto who I met online! He's real right? Right?
    • CisScum

      Ya... of course... naruto he's real, in my heart.

    • Q-Q... damn it all, FUCKIT! *Climbs onto roof* IM JUMPING SCREW IT. LIFE IS A LIE!

    • He's up there with Goku and Ichigo.

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  • BeerFarts
    I'll admit... everything about me is fake - my muscles, my hair, my tan... it's all fake.

    Except my beard. That's real ;p
    • CisScum

      I always thought you had a beard when I looked at your profile, now I know that was a lie.

      I-I've been catfished...

  • You CAN"T catfish on GaG; this is not a dating site, so the only harm to others/benefit to self would be someone thinking a 20 y. o. girl is responding when it is actually a 15 (or 50) year old guy. Which is essentially meaningless.

    Unless you are trying to use GaG as a hookup site - good luck with that.
    • CisScum

      There's still people who sext and shit on this site though, I'm sure someone got fucked over at some point.

  • TheWiseOldMan2
    It's the internet it's not supposed to be the same as real life. This sucks all the fun out of it. I'm glad I'm not as stuck up like you.
    • CisScum

      You mean you condone the manipulation of catfishing? The fuck? Sorry but just because it's the internet doesn't mean morals don't exist.

    • No it means your calling catfishes out, which I am one!!

    • CisScum

      Hmm let me get a peace of paper and a pen out, so why exactly do you catfish.

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  • Jacki3407
    Catfishing is a real problem. it saddens me to hear of instances where people were mislead and misinformed
    • CisScum

      I've heard of people who have got catfished for a year or more.

    • Jacki3407

      I can believe it. Perhaps it's similar to when a person's been in a relationship with a narcissist. Eventually the façade falls and the whole relationship is in question

  • Library
    From what I observed, the number one sign is that they get offended if you accuse them of catfish. A person who knows they are real doesn't care.
    • CisScum

      That as well. Anyone who gets really defensive about something is usually guilty of something.

  • ScatteredPieces
    I guess I'm a catfish. I don't send pics right away. I hate video/voice chat. And I most definitely won't give someone my address. And I don't own a webcam.. sorry.
    • CisScum

      I should have specified these are mostly for people who are romantically interested online. I mean if you are trying to hook up with someone these are like the mandatory things to do besides the address.

    • You're right. I've been accused of being a catfish a few times. I just say " OK. If you believe that why talk to me?" Some people get mad at that

  • AmericanDude
  • TuMeManques
    Great take. I'm terrible at spotting most catfishes so I'm glad there aren't any here 😉😉
  • Chico_brah
    I've had an ex become a revenge catfish on me. I'm pretty good at picking up these things though. I called out some girl who had cheer in here name I can't remember. Not cheer girl but she was a wel known member. I msgd her with "yeah.. Reverse google image on your latest profile pic.. Delete your account or I'm going to make a question on you" deleted in 15 minutes lol. This isn't a dating site doe.. Doesn't matter too much.
  • Luci92
    Sweet take, you're gonna be a kickass editor.
    @chico_brah which one are you dude?
    • Chico_brah

      Opposite gender

    • Luci92

      fucking knew it

    • Chico_brah

      I'm savage w/ catfish lmao. All the catfish questions. I'll link everyone the original photo and name. The well known catfish I force them to delete their accounts or expose. Look at slightlycrazy 's comment.

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  • YuukoIchiara
    The Internet's a scary place but that ending note on the post is savage af XD
  • John_Doesnt
    Anybody who loses money or gets their heart broken by a catfish was gonna get cheated sooner or later. It's not hard to spot these kinds of people. On the other the hands: the ones who are bored are no different than people in real life who are bored and pretend to be something they're not.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    As an older man I get a lot of potential catfishes so I have had a lot of practice at spotting them.
    • CisScum

      That's good LOL, I can for the most part mostly because snap chat exists.

  • Autumn-Bunny
    Revenge catfish scares me the most... great job though 😊
    • CisScum

      Thank you :), and I agree. It's scary because it can be someone online or in real life. It's pretty horrible...

    • Np and exactly!!!

  • akadatank44
    I wish those people who do that would put their ambitions to somewhere else.
    • CisScum

      I kind of think they need to get a life/get help.

  • FemaleAssassin
    You know, some people are just dump to believe/ trust someone they've never seen honestly, as much as the catfish needs a life, so does his/her prey.
    • CisScum

      Eh honestly how I think it happens is that when you meet a catfish they're pretty much too good to be true, so you start to want to believe they're real people. This consciously makes you make excuses for them and often the person will make excuses as well. My friend was catfished for a year by the opposite gender, not that she's a stupid person but easily manipulated.

  • Jan1ssary_
    Good take bruh, the best way to find out is asking their any social accounts.
    • CisScum

      Thank you and yup, usually they will have little friends or no tags at all.

  • JamesDylan1990
    I was catfished once

    Come to find out the girl had done this to like 20 guys

    I was so stupid lol
    • CisScum

      Eh some are just hard to point out, I know plenty of people who have been catfished at some point.

    • Well she lived like ten hours away on the other side of the state

      It just wasn't going to work

      I think she thought i was gonna be a singer

      I can sing okay but NOT THAT good so I guess she thought she was gonna hitch herself to me but that was gonna happen lol

  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Wtf, this describes every person alive to some extent.
    • CisScum

      You mean the steps on how to avoid a catfish? That's specifically for romantic interest catfishing. If you mean everything else, I highly disagree.

    • "To some extent".

  • Pinkbeauty
    I never seen any catfishes online and I'm not a catfish sometimes I show my face on gag and sometimes I don't
  • This_is_my_username
    i can't spot a catfish for my life! great take this help a lot :)
  • ImaginativeDreamer
    Fantastic mytake, and very detailed. Catfishes are worse than trolls.
  • soleil2666
    It's a capitalist disease - lying and pretending and manipulating others being the norm, allowed, even glorified and envied.
  • Puppylove94
    Great take haha
  • Cosytoasty
    So... what's your address? 😂😂😂
    • CisScum

      You're gonna have to get to know me better first ;)

  • SlightlyCrazy
    Anyone remember @Misty7000
    • @Misty700

    • CisScum

      I remember LOL, she falls into a lot of these categories I bet.

    • Guess she left after she got called out last night

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  • Kantana
    They are sad mommy's basement dwellers.
  • I_am_imPaulsive
    Just so you guys know, I'm a catfish.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    People R crazy I like it in a way lol
  • zombiebabe
    good take! i love the last gif lmao
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Thanks. Hence why I still keep that avatar up.
  • iFarted
    Im not a catfish, I swear 😧
  • Adigelunar
  • Anonymous
    Is it catfishing if I lie about my age in online dating?
    • CisScum

      Yup pretty much, but I guess that's the milder catfish.

  • Anonymous
    Realy, i don't get why catphishing is an epidemic. It's easy to not get phished.

    Some of the rules pointed out are true yes, but it seems so obvious.
    • CisScum

      I think it has more to do with people WANTING to believe that these people are real, I am sure there's doubts in their mind but that gets put away because they create excuses for them consciously.

    • Anonymous

      Probably right i guess.

  • Anonymous
    Lol, I can name a few obvious catfishes on the site but it make become a member post so I guess I won't mention midnyte or openthedoors... oops
  • Anonymous
    I fall into the must annoy or nothing better to do catfish. Nobody is honest on the web.
  • Anonymous
    If you're getting catfished in today's day and age with the availability of webcams/facetime, YOU are the problem.
    • lumos

      Ehhh not really. Not everyone is always looking to webcam/face time with their online friends. I got catfished by a guy a couple of years back who was just an internet friend. I never thought much of it because we never really talked about webcamming or whatever, and the pictures he had up were of a normal looking guy, not some model type. I didn't really notice any strange signs until the talk of facebook came up (he claimed he didn't have one) and THEN I brought webcamming up. He went with the "it's broken" excuse. After that I did some digging and eventually found the real guy he was posing as.
      But my point is, there aren't always immediate red flags. And it's not your fault for not thinking too hard about it.

    • Anonymous

      @lumos If you're too scared or too lazy to webcam or FaceTime someone you've never met before, especially if he claims to not have a Facebook or instagram, (which by the way is a red flag because if someone is using online dating sites, they should also be on social media), you're assuming a risk at getting catfished. There's no reason why someone can't do it because everyone and their mother has a smartphone and a computer in 2016.

      If you don't take the time to research and verify someone's identity online, it's your own fault if you end up getting catfished.

      I know I would never meet someone who doesn't have a Facebook/instagram page or who is "too shy" to FaceTime.