Do you believe God gives all of His children jobs?

I know a 300 pound woman with a mental disability but she is very good at putting on make up, better than a lot of celebrity make up artists so I told her she could make more money than a pharmacist working as a professional make up artist.

I know somebody who had a brain injury and is terrible at math and science but she is very creative and she has written over 16 books and one won an award.

I know another guy who has the STEM abilities of a teenager, terrible at doing technical work, but he is a very talented as a painter and works as a professional artist.

I know a guy who used to be legally blind that made over $300 an hour as a Chinese acupuncturist because his spatial sense was good enough to compensate for his poor visual skills. The reason he made so much was that he worked for celebrity basketball players and billionaire oil tycoons. He got an operation in one of his eyes so now one eye has perfect vision while the other eye is still very bad.
Do you believe God gives all of His children jobs?
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