Do you have strict Covid procedures at work?

I've started a new job but don't feel comfortable with their Covid routine.
Someone at my work sadly got Covid.
She has been away but they were talking about it as if they don't care.
I've only been in this job for a month.
We are a team of 7.
My boss said today, "There's no point taking a test because it's a 6 day wait." Also another girl found out her friend today has it.
My boss said "Up to you if you want to stay at work or go home." The girl decided to stay in the office.
We are spaced out & I put my mask on when I'm talking to someone.
I don't feel safe about how they're handling the covid case as I have an underlying health condition.
Should I talk to someone even though I've been there 1 month?
What happens at your workplace if someone gets Covid?
Do you have strict Covid procedures at work?
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