Always fired for “not being the right fit”?

I’ve been fired from nearly
every job I’ve ever had, spanning decades.

The same reason given each time; that I “don’t fit in” and/or “don’t vibe with their energy”.
I’ve been in therapy many times and have been told I’m not on the autistic spectrum or Aspergers. I work hard, longer hours than most , I’m polite to colleagues etc.
For example, in one job I volunteered myself for extra work, and the person that I alleviated workload for (for 3 tears) later recommended to the company to sack me as I had an “awkward approach” and was “high maintenance” as I once asked her for advice about stress management on one occasion and displayed anxiety such as being tearful. Her reaction to this, was almost as though this was malicious behaviour.
The last workplace made assumptions I was incompetent and yet didn’t provide proof when I asked for it, talked about me in my absence, blanked me and ignored me emails, and then abruptly fired me after 2 months for the reasons in my opening sentences.

I’m wondering if anyone of you can better understand the pattern, as I can’t seem to hold down work, and getting fired is traumatic.
My confidence is low, given these repetitive experiences, so I have no idea if that offends colleagues, but I can’t help it.
Always fired for “not being the right fit”?
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