Should I take this further?

I bought a car last year from a well known dealer (they have car garages all over the country). They made a mistake in my address when they registered me as the owner of the car. Which means anything linked to the car was sent to the wrong address. And my car ownership document (V5) was sent to the wrong address.

I told the sales rep I never received the V5 and they said it was issued. I gave it some time and it never showed up. So I asked the dealer which address they sent it too, and they told me to buy for a copy of the V5 which I did. The copy never showed up. So I asked the sales rep again, and got ignored. This got escalated and the manager admitted it was wrong. So I had to sort fix their mistake and it’s currently being updated.

Then after finding out which address they had in this system the whole time (it was my neighbour) I had a debt recovery letter for a Parker ticket for parking at a hotel I was staying at. Now if I knew I had this letter I could have had it cancelled right away. I wa so upset as it wasn’t my fault. I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what to do with it so I called the hotel and they cancelled it so it’s all sorted now. The dealer customer service team contacted me today apologising for the mistake and the sales rep is apparently in trouble for trying to hide his mistake. I’m glad it’s sorted but I’m still angry at the dealership for the stress it has caused me. Shall I take it further? What would you do?
Should I take this further?
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