What is the best martial art for law enforcement?

I'm entering the field soon and I want to start practicing a martial art to better prepare myself for use of force incidents. The department has an outstanding reputation for using the correct amount of force, with less than 100 injuries occurring out of over 48,000 use of force incidents over the past 2 years.

This is a reputation I intent to make even better by doing everything I can to subdue resistant subjects without causing any harm. I've done martial arts as a kid so I do have a little bit of basic footwork experience but when it comes to grappling and wrestling, I'm a complete novice.

The martial art needs to excel in defense and restraining of the individual to gain control and get them to stop. Striking goes out the window as punches, kicks or anything like that not only would look terrible and cause serious injury, but it's very against departmental policy and would result in felony charges being filed against me, as it should be if I did that.

What's a good martial art to start?
What is the best martial art for law enforcement?
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