Why would a potential employer ghost me?


So… That company I really wanted to work with (and have turned down and procrastinated other job offers in favor of it) had two successful interviews there and the guy, who was a shareholder of the company and my interviewer flirted with me on a first interview, I kept it professional the next time I met him cause I was just interested in getting the job, not flirting.

He said our 2nd interview was also very good and that I don’t need to change anything and he thinks we will be colleagues in future and then I have been waiting an answer from him for 10 days, almost certain I would get the job, he messaged me he would put a final round pretty soon, but then I messaged him twice to make sure the date of the final interview and he hasn’t been answering.

He could tell no, so I would pursue other job offers, he told me to wait.

I waited.

Then had to turn down some other offers while waiting him.

And in the end he is not responding me anymore.

Is that normal? Couldn’t he just say that my candidate wasn’t approved instead of making me wait endlessly and making me lose my time and other opportunities?

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I didn’t contact him too many times. Contacted him once last week and once this week.

Just because I was too rushed and called by other 4 jobs literally everyday, they were ready to provide with work visa and were rushing me to give my final answer. If it was my choice I could wait as long as it’d take him.
Why would a potential employer ghost me?
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