Have you ever been rude to a customer?

I haven’t been rude to customers in a while cause I actually care about keeping my current job.

but when I worked at McDonald’s, I didn’t give a fuck lol. I reciprocated energy. If you were rude to me, then I was gonna be rude right back to you.

I don’t get paid enough to kiss your ass. Sorry bookie!

Customers think they can talk to you howeverrrr they want because they literally don’t view you as a person. They see you as nothing more than a food worker. So they think they can just talk down on you.

Fast food customers are so fucking mean. I’ve seen grown men yell and swear at 15 year old workers. Like what is wrong with you bro?

But as soon as you reciprocate the energy they’re like “oh my god!!! I can't believe you said that to me!” Womp womp. Cry about it.
What are you gonna do? Call my boss and get me fired? I hope you do

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Now I’ve learned that the best way to deal with rude customers is to kill them with kindness.
You can tell they end up feeling bad for being an ass to you so their whole demeanor changes
Have you ever been rude to a customer?
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